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TIK: Daniel Farkas + Beata Csortan turn bicycle chains into keychain

Mountain biker and startupper Daniel Farkas in collaboration with industrial designer Beata Csortan introduces ‘TIK’, the world’s leanest keychain that can be easily be carried in your pocket or wallet.


With its bicycle chain design TIKsaves a whooping 40% weight compared to the same set of regular keys with a standard keyring. The patent pending TIK design integrates the stripped-down keys into one lean unit. This not only keeps their original function but enhances it by providing larger grip surface and greater leverage for every individual key.


Minimalist key organizers usually keep only a very limited number of keys. TIK is a modular system where the number of integrated keys is unlimited. The project is currently being funded on kickstarter here.




all images and video courtesy of DANIEL FARKAS + BEATA CSORTAN