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Till House by WMR Arquitectos

Perched on a cliff of the Chilean coast, the Till House by WMR Arquitectos offers an uninterrupted views of the Pacific Ocean. Two bedrooms, the living room, dining room and the kitchen shared the same place: during the day, these rooms dialogue and generate a pretty flexible use. At night, big doors can be moved and provide privacy to the bedrooms.

To the west, north and south side, terraces were designed to take advantage from the different intense of the sun. On the roof, there is a 100% sunny terrace. To the south, there is a “cuba”, a sort of wooden jacuzzi, where the water is warmed with fire. This cuba is connected with a ramp to a guest house.


2-till-house-by-wmr-arquitectos 3-till-house-by-wmr-arquitectos 4-till-house-by-wmr-arquitectos 5-till-house-by-wmr-arquitectos 6-till-house-by-wmr-arquitectos 7-till-house-by-wmr-arquitectos 8-till-house-by-wmr-arquitectos 9-till-house-by-wmr-arquitectos 10-till-house-by-wmr-arquitectos

all images © SERGIO PIRRONE – video courtesy of ALFREDO ESCOBAR