Bingo is a much-loved game across the world. There is something delightful in sitting with your friends, family and community, listening to balls being pulled from the tub and daubing that card. The intensity as people hope and dream that their ball will be the next one called and then the mix of excitement and disappointment as someone shouts “line” or “house”.

While most of us play for a bit of fun, there are people out there who are super serious about the game. They work harder at becoming the biggest winner in the bingo hall. A game of luck, not for them. These experts in the game do all they can to skew fate in their favour. Here we share some of their tips and tricks – just don’t let on we were the ones who told you.

Play at credible sites

Whether online or in your local village hall, you need to be sure that the provider is a credible provider of games. Experts know where to go where there will be well structured games and clear ways to play. Therefore, if you want the best game of bingo, where you have a genuine chance of winning, then do some research to find the best places to play.

Play at the right time

The fewer people playing the better your chance of winning. Maths doesn’t lie. If you are in a busy room with hundreds of people, then your odds of winning is proportional to the number you are playing against. Big winners at bingo know that playing at quiet times pays big. In the bingo hall, they will go on a teatime early in the week. Online, they will play when everyone else is at work or in bed asleep.

There is nothing clever about this tip, it is based on common sense. However, it is surprising how many people go to bingo at the same time. This is all good – it is a social game and you are meant to have fun. However, if you want to be a winner then you need to set aside your friends and go for it alone with those other fervent Bingo experts.

Buy several cards and practice

Yes, we are suggesting that you need to go into training to win at Bingo! There must be skill involved, right? Well, the other way to skew the odds in your favour is to have more chances to win. One card gives you a limited chance of being the lucky winner. Therefore, the more cards you can cope with the bigger your opportunity to shout for the win.

We have all seen those players who sit there with a dozen or more cards, daubing frantically as the numbers are called. They are insanely capable at scanning all those cards and keeping up with the rate of the caller. It is fair to say you will struggle to keep up at first and will want the caller to slow down. They won’t. So, you need to practice and keep getting quicker at scanning for the number and marking them off.

 7 Tips to Win at Bingo by the Experts

Play free games lots

To win at bingo your wins need to be bigger than the amount you paid to play. While the game is all about increasing chances to win, if you spend hundreds on cards and get only a couple of quid in prizes – this isn’t winning. Therefore, playing free bingo games online for long periods, any win is a pure win. Everything you receive as a result of shouting house is something you didn’t have before.

There is note of caution here for those playing multiple cards. You pay for each card you play. Therefore, each time you invest in more chances to win, you also diminish the value of the prize you receive. 

Therefore, one of the simple ways to make sure every win is a win is to play for free.

Play big jackpot games

The other way to make this maths work for you is to only play the games where the jackpot is huge. Experts are cautious of this tip, as big jackpot games are popular with players and your chance to win is diluted. However, if a win at bingo is only a win if you feel the kerching of money rolling in, then this is the chance you take.

A strategist, that expert bingo player, is more likely to take advantage of bonuses rather than big jackpots. They play at sites that offer incentives to sign up and play or offer loyalty bonuses. Such “gifts” from the sites increase your bankroll and allow you to play for longer. The more you play, the greater your chance of succeeding.

Use the Granville’s Bingo Strategy

Yes, there are actual strategies to playing bingo. The Granville strategy is based on analysis of the numbers pulled by the caller. Granville is a stock market analyst and believes you can predict the pulling on numbers. Therefore, selecting cards with an equal number of high and low numbers and an equal number of odd and even numbers increases your chances. Also, if you have numbers that end in a variety of digits from 1 – 9 increases your chances too. 

Although the calling of numbers is random, the idea is that probability changes your chances with the right bingo card.

Tippett Bingo strategy

Finally, this approach to bingo is less popular but might be worth keeping in mind. When playing the 75 ball game, you are better to choose cards that have numbers clustered at 1 and 75 rather than closer to the median of 38.