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Top 10 Essential Quiz Plugins for WordPress

Ever thought about how quizzes manage to keep people around them? It is because, quiz creates curiosity in people by asking attractive questions, by showing impressive images or animations, and also by testing their brain. Many of the websites use quizzes to interact with their users, to make the users stay longer on their site, and to know the user behavior or what exactly they want from you. Quizzes are the best ways to keep the user engagement on your website for a longer period.

The good news is that you don’t need extra skills to implement the quiz on your website. You just need a good WordPress Quiz Plugin and customize it as per your requirement. However, you may get confused by looking at so many plugins for the quiz to be used on the site. That’s why we have handpicked the top 10 quiz plugins that you can use accordingly on your site.

WP Quiz

WP Quiz is one of the best WordPress Quiz Plugins through which you can develop personality and trivia quizzes efficiently. It provides you with a lot of tools to customize your quiz, like color-changing options, animations, changing background and font colors, etc. It can also enhance the look of your website by keeping the beautiful quizzes. It will bring you more engagement and keep your users stick to this page. With WP Quiz, you can create impressive Quizzes that will be loved by your users and they will love sharing them on social media. And, guess what? Your website quiz may go viral. Give it a try!

WordPress Viral Quiz – BuzzFeed Quiz Builder

Another amazing WP Quiz Plugins is the BuzzFeed Quiz Builder which has a lot of customization tools. You can easily get sign-ups for your newsletters by using its e-mail capture module which is built-in. You might have seen a lot of quizzes on Facebook that checks your personality. You might have seen trivia quizzes on Twitter too. All these quizzes can easily be created using this WordPress quiz plugin. The best part is that you will be able to know the analytics of the performance of your quiz. It is the best and simples WP quiz plugin that you can use on your website.

Quiz Cat

Using this WordPress plugin, you can add a lot of pictures to your quiz along with the flexibility of adding unlimited questions. Such quizzes are ways to produce more user engagement, social shares, and generate unlimited leads. This WordPress quiz plugin is a little unique as compared to other WordPress Quiz Plugins as this allows you to translate quizzes in any language. It also provides you with unbeatable features like exporting quiz answers in the form of a spreadsheet. It doesn’t slow down your website and easily integrates with it to provide the best user experience.

Quiz and Survey Master

The Quiz and Survey Master plugin provides you with incredible features for your quizzes and surveys to be designed creatively. It provides you with radio buttons, checkboxes, and comment options to help your quiz design accordingly. To make your quiz more interactive and interesting, you can also add on a video before questions. After the completion of the quiz, a notification is sent to the user to ensure that their answers are submitted. It is one of the best WordPress Quiz Plugins which provides the user with great functionality. The Best part is that if you set a timer on the quiz, you will be able to know if the user shifted to another browser or not.

 Top 10 Essential Quiz Plugins for WordPress

Ari Stream Quiz

Ari Stream Quiz is another WP quiz plugin that is free and can be easily integrated with email marketing tools that are popular enough. With this tool, you can easily build up trivia and personality quizzes most popularly seen on Facebook and Twitter. Also with this plugin, you will be able to encourage your audience to share these quizzes friend social media platforms and increase the reach of your quiz. The only drawback with this plugin is that you will require using HTML codes to support media in the quizzes that you create.

Unlimited Quiz Builder (Email Capture by Riddle)

If you or someone who searching for press quiz plugins that not only work well with personality and trivia quizzes, one of the best options is the unlimited quiz builder. WordPress quiz plugin has a lot of options for you to use like polls, creating regular quizzes or making lists, etc. You can also easily integrate this plugin with other email services and most of the CRM’s too. Also so you can use this plugin to edit your pictures on the spot which will save your time on editing pictures beforehand. The best part is that you can also find appropriate means that go viral in the search bar easily. This will increase the reach of your quiz and make it interactive too.

WordPress Quiz

Do you also want your quizzes to go viral? One of the best solutions is to use the WordPress quiz plugin. It is a useful tool for creating a lot of quizzes that can either be used by schools for admission tests or by businesses to get feedback from the customers. Also, you can create a lot of quizzes on the same page. Once the user gets his or her score, these scores can be submitted back to the owner. Just like other WordPress Quiz Plugins, this plugin won’t be able to create quizzes like personality and trivia quiz.

Poll, Survey, Quiz, Slideshow, and Form Builder

If you are searching for a WordPress quiz plugin that can create a poll, survey, quiz, slideshow, and form, then this is the perfect option for you. Through this quiz, you can discover a variety of opinions from your users. To make your quizzes attractive, you have customizable options like fonts, color, and quiz sizes. The best part is that you can also make money by integrating ads in your quizzes. It is the best quiz plugin that drives social engagement and revenue too!

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-on

Another plugin for your website is the Gravity Forms Quiz Add On which provides you with options to integrate your quizzes. It has a variety of options like seamless integration, user-friendly, user interaction, and more. This plugin allows you to create impressive quizzes that are fun and interactive and can motivate your users to share on their social media and using other platforms. It also has a weighted scoring feature that gives scores to every user who participates in it. Isn’t it interesting? Give it a try!

Chained Quiz

Is a free WordPress quiz plugin that enables you to create quizzes where the next question that appears in front of the user depends upon what answer the user has given to the previous question. The results and the number of quizzes can be unlimited. You can assign points to each answer if you want. Also, you can choose radio buttons, checkboxes, or a text area for the quiz. At the end of the quiz, you can show them points with an attractive message and can also ask them to take another quiz.

So, choose the best quiz plugin for your website and enjoy engaging with your users. If you have other better plugins to suggest, don’t forget to write them down in the comment section!