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Top 3 Ideal Garage Door Styles for Your Home

If you want to improve your home’s overall curb appeal, you should pay attention to your garage door installation. The style you choose for your garage door can have a huge impact on your home’s external appearance. It can either make or break your home’s design profile; thus, be extra careful when making your decision. 

With a wide array of garage door style options available today, you might find it difficult to make your final pick. To help you out, check out these helpful tips below.

Make sure your garage door meets safety requirements

Safety should be your first consideration when choosing a garage door style. If you have small kids at home that usually play in the garage, you would want a garage door that is easy to open and close. 

Look for a material that works well with your climate

Before your garage door can provide security to your vehicles, first, it must withstand any damages caused by the weather. Depending on your geographic location, you may opt for wood, fiberglass, or metal for your home. 

Choose a style that blends with the architecture of your home

Nowadays, you can ask garage door companies to add details to your new unit. The customization options for your garage door are endless. Remember to choose a style that blends rather than contrasts your home’s architectural detail. 

Consider your garage door’s maintenance needs

Your choice of a garage door style must also be based on your ability to provide regular maintenance. If you want a garage door that does not need a lot of maintenance, there are available options for you out there. 

 Top 3 Ideal Garage Door Styles for Your Home

Here are the top 3 ideal garage door styles to install in your home:

Contemporary garage doors

If you’re taking a modern approach in your home design, there is no better style choice for you than a contemporary garage door. Popular options for this style include glass, wood, and aluminum. 

Most homeowners highly prefer contemporary glass garage doors because of the many benefits it offers, including natural lighting, high value, versatility, strength and durability, and low maintenance. Compared to other door styles, glass doors take less space. It also adds dimension and clean lines to your home.

This door style is perfect for home styles mid-century modern, modern, townhouse, art decor, and oriental.

Raised-panel garage doors

Raised panel is commonly used in residential properties. This style gives you the freedom of choice when it comes to design, size, length, and number of panels, among others. Characterized by symmetrical, raised rectangular panels, it is perfect when you are looking for a neat and elegant classic look for your home exterior. 

Raised-panel doors pair well with home styles art deco, cape cod, colonial, mid-century modern, cottage, and oriental. It is also available with all the standard options for garage doors, including hardware, choice of materials, colors, windows, and more. 

Carriage house garage doors

Also known as “barn style garage doors,” this door style can give you a distinctive, rustic vibe in your home. It has a close similarity to traditional doors except that carriage doors swing open instead of up. Choosing this style adds sophistication to your property and lets you choose from a broad range of material options. Another benefit is that it provides more ceiling space for storage compared to roll-up doors. 

Carriage garage doors can be made of wood or steel and best complement house styles modern, Mediterranean, neoclassical, ranch, Victorian, townhouse, farmhouse, oriental, and cottage. 

Improving the functionality of your garage door

You cannot spend money on aesthetic enhancement alone, your home’s safety and functionality must come as a top priority, too. That is why your garage door choice must be stylish as it is highly effective. At the first sight of component damage, make sure to get the service of a professional garage door repair right away. With help from the experts, you are well-assured that your entire garage door is taken care of, from the aesthetic restoration it needs to the complex repair of its different components or parts. Forget your DIY plans and partner with a reputable garage door company today!