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Top 6 Most Popular Roofing Materials  

Top 6 Most Popular Roofing Materials  

Your home’s roofing system is important since it protects you from the elements, strengthens your house’s structural integrity, and insulates it to keep everyone inside nice and comfortable. Aside from being practical, it also adds to the exterior beauty of our homes.   

This is why a sturdy roofing system is a significant investment and why top contractors like roofing contractors NJ are hired to do this critical work. What’s more, deciding on the best materials for your roof is a crucial task. Roofing materials all have pros and cons, and each one has its own unique aesthetic appeal.   

 You’ll also be paying a lot of money to get your roof installed, and it would be a shame not to feel satisfied with the final output. Certain roofing materials are extremely popular for good reasons. Many of these are popular for their price, longevity, and appearance. Let’s take a look at the top roofing materials below.   

1. Asphalt Shingles  

In the United States, asphalt shingles are primarily used for residential homes. These shingles can make your roof look well-kempt. However, the lifespan can only last for 15 to 40 years, but it can be reinforced using fiberglass or cellulose.   

Its affordability is most likely the reason why it has gained popularity over the years. You can also get it in different colors to match your home. And if you’re worried about architecture, you’ll be glad to know that asphalt shingles complement various styles.   

Additionally, this type of roofing is also quick and easy to install. However, you’ll have to install additional insulation since asphalt shingles don’t provide any.   

2. TPO Roofing  

TPO Roofing or Thermoplastic Polyolefin is a type of single-ply roofing material. When it comes to commercial and low-slope roofing, TPO is ideal. It’s durable, weather-resistant, waterproof, and resistant to thermal shock. It can even resist algae, bacteria, grease, and dirt. It’s safe to say that it’s one of the easiest roofing systems to maintain. Professional installation is also quick and simple. However, its main selling point is its affordability. The warranty usually lasts for 30 years, but if maintained well, it can last longer.  

3. Metal Roofing 

For anyone living in a warmer climate, metal roofs are a fantastic choice since they can resist and reflect heat rather than absorbing it. If you’re worried about aesthetics, there are various kinds of colors and designs available to fit your home perfectly.  

If you’d like a low-maintenance roof, metal roofing is the way to go. If there are leaks, sealants can easily be used. But you won’t have to worry too much about damage since it’s also incredibly durable and can withstand inclement weather conditions. Moreover, you don’t have to do repairs or replacements for a long time. When maintained and cared for, it can last you up to 75 years. Plus, it’s environmentally friendly.   

However, installation can be expensive and challenging since not many roofing contractors are familiar with it. So, it’s best to ask your contractor ahead of time whether they have any experience with metal roofing materials.   

 Top 6 Most Popular Roofing Materials  

4. Clay And Concrete Tiles  

If longevity and durability are what you’re looking for, consider using clay or concrete tiles. But its strength as a material also has a downside—it can be pretty heavy. You’ll need to have reinforced and sturdy framing to hold up the clay roofing. The material itself and the installment can be pricey. Nonetheless, this is a lifelong investment that can last for 100 years! But to ensure its long lifespan, it’s essential to maintain and clean it to prevent efflorescence.   

5. Slate And Tiles  

Another durable roofing material you might want to consider is slate or stone. It’s important to know that this material is the most expensive out of all the usual roofing materials. But because of its excellent quality, many homeowners think it’s a worthy investment.   

Besides being strong, it’s also fire-resistant and recyclable, perfect for anyone living a sustainable lifestyle. It also has a classic appearance, making it ideal for French, Colonial, and European architecture. Colors can also vary from black, red, purple, grey, and green. But similar to clay tiles, it’s also heavy and requires reliable and extra framing to support it. Still, if you get slate roofing, it can last you 50 to over 100 years.   

6. Composite Shingles  

Composite shingles are rising in popularity because of their gorgeous appearance made of wood shakes, tiles, or slate. However, it’s amazingly affordable to install and maintain. Unlike slate, composite shingles are lightweight—so you don’t need to have the framework reinforced. It also fire- and fade-resistant to boot! Still, actual slate roofing will probably last longer, but a 50-year lifespan isn’t bad either. As long as you do regular repairs and maintenance, it can last a long time.  


Most people prioritize cost and longevity when picking the materials for their roof. While some of these materials can last for over a decade, their price and installation can be the downside. On the other hand, others might be affordable and easy to install but might need more maintenance to make them last. Nonetheless, all these have fair tradeoffs as far as roofing materials go.