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Top 6 Tips to Save Money on Kitchen Design

Top 6 Tips to Save Money on Kitchen Design

People who start redesigning their apartments spend a lot of money on furniture and decorations. So, there is no money left for gambling in the online casino in Canada or Netflix membership. Yet, it is possible to save some cash when designing your kitchen. In this case, these 6 tips will be helpful. 

Textured Walls 

The best way to save money on finishes is to abandon them. If in the kitchen under a layer of wallpaper, there is a textured brick or concrete wall, urgently release it. It will be easy to create a bright unique interior on such a background. 

If you are unlucky with the wall, you can save money by not leveling it. Just apply plaster with deliberately sloppy strokes, and then paint. For an uneven wall, tight budget vinyl wallpaper will be useful. Keep in mind that a large print requires fitting, which means that the materials for decorating the kitchen will take more. From this point of view, it will be cheaper to use wallpaper with a small pattern.

Durable Floor

If you are planning to replace the floor, it is definitely not worth saving on screeds. The floor will squeak because of a poorly done job. The cheaper material for finishing is linoleum. Today, it is produced from environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic materials, and its appearance is sometimes difficult to distinguish from expensive hardwood flooring. Another advantage of the material is the ease of installation and care. Linoleum is good even on uneven floors and almost does not suffer from the aggressive effects of the kitchen environment.

 Top 6 Tips to Save Money on Kitchen Design

Stylish Ceiling 

The most budget-friendly way to update the ceiling in the kitchen is to primed the surface and cover it with water-emulsion paint. Be prepared for the fact that the ceiling will have to be periodically renewed. This paint is not very resistant to moisture. 

An alternative option is to clean the ceiling from the coating and wallpaper it. Dense fleece or vinyl materials will not only help to save money but also create an original kitchen interior.

Budget Furniture 

Buying a kitchen set is always a costly part of the interior renovation process. Yet, there are ways to save money here as well. For example, IKEA gives back some of the money spent on buying furniture on a special offer. And many large manufacturers do discounts if you buy several pieces of furniture of the same brand. 

Do not neglect old furniture. If you have a few chairs left over from different sets, arrange them around the dining table and decorate the kitchen with retrofits. Often designers specifically seek out old furniture in antique stores to create a vintage interior.

 Top 6 Tips to Save Money on Kitchen Design

Choose Countertops Right

You can also save money on the countertop. The most expensive is made of quartz. Artificial stone options cost a little less. If your budget is limited, order a first- or second-category stone countertop without grooves, complex or rounded edges, hot plate holders, and other extras.

Expensive Details

When designing a kitchen, sometimes you want to go ahead and order something ultra-modern with radius fronts and trendy decor. These seemingly small things significantly increase the cost of the project, and you probably a week later you’ll stop noticing them.

Upper cabinets that open not to the side, but upward, look spectacular. But if you replace such an opening mechanism for the usual hinges, the savings will be quite tangible. Just like if you order the most ordinary drawers instead of those equipped with a hidden drawer system, glass sides or a variety of extra furniture.

Lights inside the cabinets or a black dish dryer are nice, but on a tight budget, you can get by with simpler lighting and accessories in a classic metallic color.