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Top Purchases That Will Make Life Easier for Parents of Newborns

video surveillance camera babies children

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Many parents get used to making do with the simplest household items when it comes to taking care of their babies. However, nowadays there are many devices that make life easier for new parents.

Can you do without them? Yes, absolutely. But they save time and energy you could spend on things that are more important. You’ve probably heard numerous stories about young parents monitoring their baby’s crib 24 hours a day without much time for anything else. Stories about so many issues related to feeding and taking care of a baby. But what if many of these issues can be easily solved by things a modern market has to offer?

Top 5 things for new parents 

1. Nanny cam

Young moms and dads often worry about their newborns and are afraid to leave them unattended for long periods of time. This anxiety is understandable but it leaves you little time for anything else. A smart nanny cam will let you watch your little one using your smartphone from anywhere in the house. And if one of the parents is away on a business trip, they’ll be able to see the first steps of their child.

2. Nursing room humidifier

This little gadget maintains the necessary level of humidity in your baby’s room. It’s necessary to protect your little one’s delicate skin from drying out and to reduce the risk of infectious diseases.

 Little baby looks at the humidifier

3. Rockers/bouncers

There’s no doubt that in the first 3 months, your baby needs your attention more than anything. But after a while, you might feel the need to “untie your hands”, so to say, at least during the daytime. Modern rockers/bouncers are equipped with various modes for rocking, music, and extra features your little one will find engaging. It doesn’t necessarily have to be used to help your baby go to sleep. You can just put him/her in a comfy rocker while cooking in the kitchen. Besides, it’s a real live saver if you have back issues.

4. Nursing pillow

Many new moms appreciate the benefits of nursing pillows even during pregnancy. They can gently support a large baby bump and help find a comfortable sleeping position. After childbirth, these pillows will help organize the feeding process. And it can also serve as fall protection for your baby or become a chair when he/she grows up enough to sit upright.

5. Baby bottle sterilizer

You can’t be too careful when it comes to protecting your baby from harmful bacteria. Whether you breastfeed your infant or give them baby formula, you want to make sure that no food residue is left on the feeding bottle to feed that bacteria. That’s when a quality baby bottle sterilizer comes in handy.

Just think about it: in their time, your grandparents couldn’t even imagine things this handy could exist. You are lucky to have the opportunity to use them and enjoy their benefits. After all, if you are offered a chance to make your life as a parent easier, why not use it?