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Top Spring Summer Collections of 2021

Top Spring Summer Collections of 2021

Nili Lotan

Although 2021 has been relatively quiet for the fashion world, it has given rise to bold and stylish collections. This year, some designers opt out of runways. However, collections of the warmer season are a welcome distraction. 

Check out Nili Lotan for the top spring/summer collections. 

Oversized boyfriend blazer

Use the 80s inspired oversized boyfriend jackets to play with shapes and create a long line silhouette. The shoulder pads make the outwear cinch in your waist. It elongates your legs. 

You can pair it with straight-leg trousers or leather shorts if you want an ultra-modern look. Colors that fit this collection include neutrals, charcoal, and powder blue. 

Fantasy florals

With flowers that signify new beginnings, some designers embraced an all-over approach by combining florals from head to toe. 

On the hole 

After donning oversized loungewear for a while, showing some skin feels like a necessity. Designers like Prada have found ways of revealing some skin in unexpected ways. It applies to everything from turtlenecks to bodysuits. 

 Top Spring Summer Collections of 2021

Birds of a feather 

In 2021, the feather trend has taken off regardless of whether it has puffer layers or paired with chunky knitwear. Perhaps a feathered skirt will do the trick for you in this season. 

Best of bras 

Spring 2021’s bras are making a midriff-baring fashion statement. You can opt for a matching short or go for a bold twist on “business-casual” style.  

Hang Loose 

You can balance your bralettes with wide-leg pants. Besides, you can pair the wide-leg pants with lingerie-themed camisoles. Also, you can polish your look with knit vests paired with shrunken blazers. 

Sheer delight 

Switch from winter’s dense layers to spring’s light pieces. Some designers such as Dior combined sheer with just-enough underpinnings. On the other hand, others combined transparent overlays with full coverage slip dresses. 

 Top Spring Summer Collections of 2021

Joyful dressing 

Regardless of how comfortable gray sweatsuits are, they do not bring the joy of vibrant colored dress, set, or micro-mini. It is now time to embrace fashion that is jovial as vaccine rollouts continue. 

Black face masks 

As you protect yourself, you can do it beautifully. A sleek black face mask will match with almost any outfit and cover your mouth and nose. For easier breathing, you can go for a silky fabric. 

Also, if you feel fancy, you can opt for embellishments. 

White knee-high boots 

You can go for white knee-high boots to elevate your outfit. Feel free to wear it with a skirt, rollneck, funky pair of leggings, or patterned mini dress. For a sexy look, choose to keep it sleek and tight this season. 

Fringing on the bags 

If you want to make a statement in this season, let your handbag do the talking. Fringing on handbags is a big trend. You can go for a leather fringe or shearling. It suits almost any event and you can rock this piece in any season. 


If pairing colors this season is intimidating for you, you can ease into fashion by sticking to only one color for your complete look.