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TT Pavilion by Konstantin Grcic for Audi at Design Miami/Basel 2014


Audi has unveiled the ‘TT Pavilion‘, its first-ever architecture installation designed by Konstantin Grcic, one of the most influential industrial designers of the age, at this year’s Design Miami/Basel. The source of inspiration for the polygonal TT Pavilion is the new Audi TT. Grcic has used parts of the TT to create a mobile space that transfers the technology of automotive engineering to architectural design.


Mounted on pylons, the pavilion can easily be set up in uncertain terrain. The construction uses the modern techniques of prefabricated home construction. The seven original tailgate doors of the Audi TT are a distinctive feature of the pavilion that lends it a futuristic appearance.

The TT Pavilion can be viewed together with the new Audi TT Coupé and its virtual Audi Cockpit from June 17-22 at Design Miami/Basel.


all images © TOM VACK