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Turning Your Home into a More Social Space

Dining room with wooden ceiling

Yan Krukov from Pexels

Homes can be intensely personal and private spaces. They are where we are safe and comfortable. Our houses more than anywhere else are where we are free to be ourselves without judgement. Even if you are a very social and open person, there will probably be areas of your home that are private. Rooms like your bedroom, where you might not invite guests. 

Sometimes we find it hard to balance this need for privacy with wanting to create a social home. We enjoy long, relaxed dinners with friends, but always in their homes, rarely inviting anyone into our own. 

Fortunately, it’s perfectly possible to balance having your own space and privacy, with a social home where people feel relaxed and happy. Here are some of the ways that you can turn your home into a social space perfect for entertaining friends and family. 

Add More Seating

Your guests will never want to stay for long after they’ve finished dinner if their only option is a formal dining chair where they have to sit with perfect posture and both feet on the floor. Make sure people have access to a comfortable sofa, armchairs, and even things like bean bags, as well as comfortable cushions and throws so that they can relax and settle in for a long chat. 

Make Social Dining Easy

Social dining is a great excuse to invite guests around, but it’s also nice to eat with members of your household, without everyone sitting around the TV ignoring each other. If you have space, adding kitchen dining room tables makes eating together much easier. In warmer weather, outdoor tables can also make social dining easy.  

Reposition Your Furniture

If all of your comfortable seating is facing the TV, you will always be tempted to turn it on. Instead, position seating options so that they face each other, with side tables and a coffee table for drinks and snacks. This is one of the easiest ways to encourage conversation. 

 Living room with coffee table and pastel pink armchairs

Consider an Open Plan Layout

Dinner parties are a fantastic way to enjoy socialising at home. But as the host, you are often in the kitchen more than you are with your guests. An open plan living space removes this risk and encourages guests to come and chat with you, or even help out when you are cooking. 

Keep it Warm and Comfortable

No one wants to hang out in a too hot or too cold home that smells musty or damp. Keep your home at a comfortable temperature and make sure it smells fresh by getting into good cleaning habits and letting in plenty of fresh air. 

Avoid Décor Overwhelm

Another way to make your home more comfortable is sticking to a soft colour scheme without any very bold colours or clashing patterns. 

Display Your Interests to Create Conversation Pieces

A social home doesn’t have to suit everyone’s tastes or lack personality. Shelves filled with books, artwork on the walls, areas that are devoted to your hobbies and other ways of displaying your interests make your home feel more lived-in and give people something to talk about. 

A more social home doesn’t have to mean giving up your privacy or creating a bland house. It’s more about finding ways to make guests comfortable and encourage conversation and relaxation. These are just a few of the ways to do it.