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Understanding Your Boom Lift Options Before Calling a Spider Lift Hire Company

Australia is home to a handful of construction projects. From simple houses to tall skyscrapers, this land down under is no doubt, a country that is economically growing by the day.

For contractors, one of the many challenges you might face when doing your project is finding the right machinery solutions that fit the job you’re doing. In construction sites, scissor lifts, boom lifts, and forklifts are essential lifting pieces of machinery. But these machines are costly to own. That is why several dedicated companies provide boom lift services and spider lift for hire services to keep you at pace with your construction projects. To help you better understand the types of boom lifts and its uses, here is a quick rundown.

Articulating Boom Lifts

These are also called knuckle lifts and feature a unique bendable and jointed arm whose base is secured to a turntable that turns 360 degrees. Its arms have several joints for better flexibility and easy reach for those hard-to-reach areas. 

The articulating boom lifts can extend to over a hundred feet in height, making them the perfect machines for accessing restricted places and lifting workers to difficult areas. Aside from construction purposes, these lifts are also used for cable, piping, or electrical repairs, as well as maintenance work or exterior cleaning. 

Atrium lifts and spider lifts are just two types of articulating boom lifts. These are lightweight and narrow lifts compared to most aerial lifts. You should consider using articulating boom lifts when:

    You need to access confined work areas or congested spaces. 

  You reach over obstacles. Although these lifts have minimal horizontal reach than the telescopic booms, they are still more versatile because of its multiple joints that allow them to reach over, out, or up to access inaccessible working areas.

  You are travelling over very rough terrain. Some of these types of lifts feature four-wheel drive mechanisms, lug-tread tires, powerful diesel, LPG or petrol engines, and oscillating axles to achieve better traction and better performance on uneven and rugged job sites.

 Understanding Your Boom Lift Options Before Calling a Spider Lift Hire Company

Telescoping Boom Lifts

As the name implies, these are those types of lifts that feature expandable arms attached to a corresponding turntable that can rotate a full 360 degrees. These booms, also called “stick” booms, have straight appearances and provide a fantastic horizontal reach as against all the other types of aerial platforms. 

These boom lifts are used in work that usually requires its personnel to reach higher heights than with other types of aerial booms. They are suitable for different applications like construction, industrial, bridgework and a lot more. This boom lift’s bucket is designed to lift only a person at a time. This makes it ideal for specialized works like electrical repairs. 

Bucket Trucks

These are also called cherry pickers and feature a bucket attached to a long boom where a worker stands and does his job at height. Workers use these types of boom lifts in the field of utility for them to reach wires and cables quickly and seamlessly. These very versatile trucks can also travel on most national roads at an average traffic pace, and they have a fuller operating radius. 

Boom lifts can provide access up to 185 feet in height. Before you start scouting for spider lift hire providers for your project, make sure you know and understand the types of boom lifts and how it can help you to get your project done.


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