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Using Scent In Your Home To Enhance Your Style Aesthetic

Woman Smelling A Liquid Mixture

Anna Shvets from Pexels

A recent survey done by Ideal Home found that 42% of people burn candles to make their home smell nice, and 34% of people said that the warm scent of a candle helped them feel cozy. Scent has a powerful impact on the way we feel about our environment. It can make or break a house sale, it can influence what you purchase in the grocery store and it can create an ambience of luxury – this is why The Bellagio in Las Vegas has its own signature scent that is filtered into the air of the grand foyer. You can use scent in your own space to enhance your style aesthetic and make an impression – it can really turn a house into a home and make it feel unique.

Classic and Luxury

When you are filling your home with fragrance, using all natural candles made of soy wax is a sustainable, non-toxic option. They are made from undyed wax, and are better for you than plug-in air fresheners, which often contain naphthalene, a type of carcinogen. To give your home a sense of classic luxury and opulence, go for earthy scents that are inspired by the natural world, such as oakmoss, sandalwood and cedar. The warmth of the fireside can be achieved by burning a candle that is scented with clove and cinnamon essential oils, and the smell of leather and whisky will give your home a feeling of old money and luxury.

 Candle making supplies on wooden table

Fresh Air

A survey done by Yes Homebuyers found that fresh scents made a house attractive. 22% of people liked the ambience of fresh air, and 15% liked the smell of fresh flowers. Freshly baked goods and freshly mown grass were also popular smells. If you like your home to be bright, airy and minimalist, then you can pair this with the scent of spring blossoms and light vanilla. A fresh candle shouldn’t be too sweet or too pungent – it should fill your home with a delicate smell without being overpowering.

Winter Warmth

Many people burn candles to give their home a feeling of warmth and coziness, particularly in the winter months when the evenings are dark. If your home has a country cottage aesthetic, or you are embracing the rustic, vintage look, the right scent can really enhance this style, bringing what the Danish call “hygge.” Candles that smell of pine, cypress and fir trees can be reminiscent of the holiday season, as well as giving your space a freshness. Nutmeg, cocoa and gingerbread are also beautiful smells that will make you feel like snuggling up on the sofa, getting under the blankets and enjoying the comfort and warmth of your home.

Using scented candles can create an unique ambiance in your home and also be a reflection of your own aesthetic. Whether you want to present a clean, minimalist style, or a feeling of luxury, a beautiful smell can really set the scene.