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Voice Search SEO: Tips To Optimize Your Website

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Cottonbro from Pexels

Voice search started as a new concept to try something different with searches. But, it has now become the most important topic of discussion in the search industry.

And there is a good reason for that. Users can simply search for what they want without lifting or typing a word with voice search assistance. The ease of searching with voice is second to none, and the users can’t get enough of it.

The concept of voice searches started with the smartphone, where users could simply ask search engines with voice commands. These trends continued and quickly escalated to voice assistance speakers and other devices.

Today, we are experiencing a voice search evolution where almost every generation uses voice search to search queries online.

A voice search is a voice recognition technology that allows people to search anything online by simply speaking into the device. These devices are highly advanced devices that already have the necessary technology to support voice searches.

When this technology was launched, it was considered a nice option to have. With voice search technology, users got two different methods to communicate with the internet.

However, today, it has become a necessity. Business owners who fail to optimize their websites for voice searches risk staying behind the competition.

If you have an online business and rely only on conventional searches, you might be losing out on many potential customers.

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Today, 27% of the total popular worldwide uses voice searches on mobile. That is a huge number for any marketer, and no one will want to afford to miss out on that.

This number shows that you cannot just sit and rely on old SEO techniques to get the most out of online marketing strategies. You can see why your business needs to be voice searched optimized.

Now, the real question is how?

Here are a few tips that will help you optimize your website for voice searches.

1. Transform Queries Into Question

According to an SEO freelancer UK, it is all good to optimize your website for queries. Usually, these queries are short and easy for you to optimize your website and its content. However, that will not help your website in any way.

You need to transform your queries into a question. For instance, instead of searching for pizzas, your voice search algorithm will prioritize ‘Where can I find pizzas near me?’

This will more likely help your website rank in voice searches.

2. Design Your Website For Mobile

When it comes to voice search, there are no design standards. Hence, the next best big thing you can do to optimize your website for voice searches is to design your mobile website.

As most voice searches are done using mobile phones, it will increase your chances of getting ranked for voice search-generated queries.

3. Use More Conversational Language

Voice searches mean the search queries will be more conversational. Hence, the keywords you are optimizing your business for must also need to be conversational.

Instead of going with short keywords, you need to target long keywords with questions.

4. Polish Your GMB (Google My Business) Profile

Voice searches are done mostly for local businesses. This is because the user intends to visit the business. Just think about the people who are new to a place and want to look for a good place to stay, eat and enjoy.

That’s where the importance of GMB comes in. Having a strong GMB profile will help you optimize your business for voice searches.

The Takeaway

Voice queries now rule online searches. Hence, to keep your market share to yourself, you must optimize your website for voice searches.

When you are on your way to implementing voice search techniques, you will find that they most overlap with the standard SEO techniques. Only some of them will take a special approach.

Voice searches are revolutionizing how we interact with the internet. If you want to take on the digital landscape, you need to know their language – Voice Searches.