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Waterfall Edge Countertop: Choosing the Perfect Edge Profile 

Modern kitchen with waterfall edge top

Waterfall edge, as the name suggests, gives the impression of ‘flowing’ near the edge. Waterfall countertop edge is available in various colours and designs. It is a popular design for kitchen islanders because it gives a dramatic look and adds to kitchen aesthetics. Additionally, you can use a waterfall edge countertop design to expose the sides of open cabinets from all four sides or three sides. 

A major advantage of waterfall edge is that it can be made from any material: wood, marble, granite, or any natural stone. The most crucial part of the edge design is where the side and the top create an illusion. Only a professional will be able to create the effect nicely. Scroll down and find more about the waterfall edge countertop and how you can choose the perfect profile.

Waterfall Edge Countertop Design Ideas to Use When Renovating Your Kitchen

Waterfall countertop edge design is an amazing addition to your kitchen. You can create a dramatic outlook of your kitchen within a limited budget and at no special designing costs. However, you will need a skilled professional to create the exact visual effect for you. Still, it does not burn a hole in your pocket.

1. Waterfall Effect on Marble 

The waterfall effect on marble looks extensively good. You can make use of grey tiles to contrast with the white marble. To produce a waterfall effect, the professional will attach the marble pieces so that the top sheet and the edge sheet will have the falling design.

The sheets must be correctly adjoined. Otherwise, it will look like a normal marble countertop and not the exact waterfall effect.

2. A Stand-Alone Eating Area 

Waterfall edges are not necessarily meant to be designed on kitchen islanders but can also design eating areas, cabinets, and cupboards. Along with a flowing effect on the kitchen countertop, you can also add a seating area in your kitchen if you have an extra area.

The size of the eating table will depend on the space available in your kitchen. You can pair a white eating area with a greyish waterfall effect with rustic chairs to give a contemporary look to your kitchen.

3. Dark Waterfall Edge Kitchen

Using a waterfall edge is a perfect solution to make your kitchen look bigger, spacious, and in sync with the overall outlook of your house. If you need a beautiful-looking kitchen, you can use the waterfall edge system.

Choose dark colours and a well-matched dark theme for your kitchen. Also, opt for the colours in contrast for cabinets, cupboards, flooring, and countertops to create a visually flowing effect.

Adding a matte finish material will bring about a sense of visual texture. In addition, you can play with the overall design with the waterfall edge in your kitchen. For example, try to add some knife stan and cutting board to decorate the kitchen.

 Waterfall Edge Countertop Kitchen

Things to Know about Waterfall Edge Countertops

Here are some important things you should know:

1. It is a Classic Style 

Contrary to popular belief, waterfall designs are not new; they age back to the 1940s as a popular Art Deco design. However, They are an essential component in modern kitchens. Waterfall designs fit perfectly well in all kinds of kitchens, be it contemporary, traditional, or modern. 

Though many people do not prefer this in their traditional kitchens, most modern kitchens have a waterfall edge profile. As a result, they are easy to repair and also available at the most affordable prices.

2. Waterfall Edge Material 

There is no perfect material for a waterfall because it can be made from wood, marble, soapstone, quartz, or even granite. But since we are talking about countertops, the focal point of a kitchen, then it can be made with natural stone and laminate stone. Therefore, we recommend you choose a high-quality and striking material for your kitchen countertops.

When choosing the waterfall countertop edge material, one basic consideration is the seamless coordination of the countertop top with the edges. Since the countertop is designed by joining two or pieces of stones, it should look aesthetically good when adjoined. Additionally, you should choose a stone that will be available later in case of emergency or renovation.

3. Cost-Efficacy 

Naturally, waterfall edge designing requires bringing in more tools and material. Therefore, it tends to be more expensive than simple edging options. However, this option is more durable and gives a luxurious touch to your kitchen on a considerably low budget. 

The waterfall edge countertops might also need reinforcing for some additional strength and support. Hence, you can increase your budget as much as you want to. But make sure to survey the prices before choosing a budget or choose a budget and fit the material into your dream kitchen.

4. Quality and Expertise 

Creating a waterfall visual effect is a work of art and skill. Several service providers offer high-grade services where professionals build your kitchen countertops and create an appealing edge profile for you.

Ensuring seamless edging both horizontally and vertically is crucial. Therefore, you should hire professional service providers. When you decide on spending money, you better spend it well enough to get a good result.

Final Words

Waterfall countertop edges are aesthetically appealing and they create a luxurious look for your kitchen. One major advantage of choosing a waterfall edge design for your kitchen profile is playing with it. Apart from countertops, you can also contrast the design with kitchen walls, cabinets, and eating tables. Whatever you choose with your kitchen, ensure that you choose professional services to get a good result.

Additionally, the waterfall design is a good fit for your modern as well as traditional kitchen. This waterfall countertop edge is a specialized design. Hence, you will need skilled expertise to make it worth the money. However, the edge designs look amazing on any material: quartz, soapstone, or even wood. 

Pairing a waterfall edge counter with a wooden floor also is aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and makes the kitchen look more spacious. A good kitchen is a focal point for any household. Therefore, you should choose the best material and edge profile for the kitchen.