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We Reviewed The Top 5 Home Appliances For A New House – Here Is What You Should Buy

Finding a new place to live in can be a tough and gruelling process. But the journey doesn’t stop there. Apart from the essential furniture, you also need to find the appliances that will turn your house or apartment into a home. 

We recommend you first write up a list of the appliances you need and then do the research to find which model is right for you. That way you’ll buy what you need rather than what you want. Your bank account will thank you for it.

We are going to list 5 essential appliances you need for your home – with some recommendations to boot.

1. Refrigerator

You need to eat right? What is the point of having a kitchen (or kitchen appliances) without having a refrigerator?

In truth, buying a fridge is a tough decision. There are a ton of factors to consider and many models to choose from. Take a look here for figuring out how to go about determining the right one for you.

Our Pick: GE are one of the best brands when it comes to fridges. And it’s no surprise their French Door Refrigerator has made the cut. It features a premium slate finish (which does not show fingerprints), has a water filter and features enough lighting so that no space is left in the dark. It’s also reasonably priced but doesn’t have an ice dispenser (hence the extra sleek look!)

 We Reviewed The Top 5 Home Appliances For A New House - Here Is What You Should Buy

2. Washing Machine

A laundry room without a washing machine isn’t a laundry room, period. These days you can get models that can do it all – wash, rinse and dry and have multiple settings for garment type, temperature, and spin speed. Though make sure you read the labels for your clothes as many of them shouldn’t be machine dried.

Our Pick: Recommended by Good House Keeping, the Kenmore Elite top-load washer doesn’t sacrifice high end features for its affordable price tag”. Simply put, it represents great bang for your buck. It’s got 14 cycles, temperature settings and an ever so thankful speed wash! It’s a steal. 

3. Vacuum Cleaner

If you forgot to get a vacuum cleaner straight away after moving in, you’ll probably definitely get one once you start noticing your home isn’t looking so fresh anymore. The most important thing here is to buy a vacuum cleaner that actually cleans! Sounds easy right? Get one from a reputable brand and ensure it can handle whatever flooring your home has – tiles, wood or carpet.

Our Pick: Any vacuum from Dyson is a great choice. Go to most review sites and they consistently rank as the eminent vacuum option. The Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor vacuum cleaner is a great choice for everyday use and for all floor types with a self-adjusting cleaner head. It’s not super expensive but isn’t cheap either. It essentially strikes a middle ground of price, quality and durability. And soon enough your investment will pay off as you see how clean your home is!

 We Reviewed The Top 5 Home Appliances For A New House - Here Is What You Should Buy

4. Coffee Machine

Having a means to get a coffee fix is very important to most people. Moving to a new house can be stressful and what better way to de-stress then brewing a nice warm coffee for a caffeine filled hug.

Our Pick: Where to start? There are so many to choose from. Shopper Bytes recommends the Keurig K-Classic Coffee Maker as one of the best coffee machines that uses K-Cups. A K-Cup is basically a cartridge suitable for one cup of coffee. You can select from over 100 varieties (with varying strength and bean origin) of K-Cups at your local supermarket. Simply pop in the K-Cup and you are set for a serving of your favourite beverage. 

5. Television

Ah the simple pleasures of a television. Endless entertainment with unlimited options. Simply put, a living room is not complete without some sort of entertainment system, and a television is the best way to start building one. For most living room sizes, you’ll be looking to get something at least 55” in size. Anything from Sony, LG or Samsung are great choices.

Our Pick: As of 2020, the LG B9 OLED is one of the best T.V.s you can get with 4k.com calling it “The LG B9 is maybe our favourite OLED 4K HDR TV of 2019 and we can’t recommend it enough.” Without completely breaking the bank, you get a near instant response rate, unbelievable blacks, super low input lag (perfect for gamers) and a 4K resolution. All of this is backed by an OLED screen which delivers unprecedented picture quality.