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Website Design Trends We Will See in 2022

Group of web designers develop a website

The history of website designing isn’t too old. At the early stage, the combination of HTML, CSS, and Java was enough to design a simple and informative website for any business needs. However, in the last five years, the way of creating informative and shopping sites has been changed. The main focus was to provide user friendly-layout for the readers and customers.

It didn’t stop here; web developers are experimenting with enhancing user accessibility by playing with coding, animation, graphics, features, and layout every day.

Let’s see how the new trends of website designing in 2022 can help individual web designers, website owners, and web development agencies. How will they meet the user’s expectation by building superior and faster than ever sites?

Top 8 Core Elements of A Website

  1. Coding
  2. Layout
  3. Text Content
  4. Images
  5. Graphics
  6. Fonts
  7. Colors
  8. White Space

Lightning-Fast Page Speed

With the changing lifestyle, people don’t want to wait for anything, and it applies to websites as well. A fast website must load in less than 1 second. But on average, most of the websites take around 2-3 seconds to load the first fold.

This year, maintaining lightning-fast web pages is the top priority by worldwide web creators. To achieve this, you should evaluate hosting providers and choose the right one. You should also invest a lot into your tech team. 


With smart devices, it is easy for internet users to access websites from mobile, Smart TV, laptop, and tablet. All the gadgets come in different screen sizes. To fit web content on any type of internet-accessible device, it needs a responsive web layout.

Enough White Space

White space gives relaxation to the mind and, at the same time, presents all the web information in a pleasant way. So, instead of filling all the gaps with big fonts, background images, and gradient colors, we can see the upcoming websites won’t be cluttered but neatly placed information with smart space.

Toggle Between Dark & Light Mode

Similar to the browser and software, toggling between light and dark mode on a website is another innovation. Many users want to access light mode sometimes, whereas others want to read the information on the black dashboard. This year, we can see the toggle features on some blogs and business websites where users can switch between two modes. 

Cinema Style Homepage

A single big image at the front fold on a site is now an old fashion. The latest web layout is focused on featuring a full-width video with a quick introduction. So, the style of a simple web layout is going to change with a cinema-style homepage to attract users within a few seconds.

Hero Image with Typography

The first fold of any site holds the crisp information of the business. The current trend of putting slider images at the beginning of the home page is eating time to fully load the page. To overcome the problem, we can see the hero image with no images but the illustration of text art.

Experience Like App

Android and iOS apps are easy to manage the task while banking, shopping, reading e-books, playing games, and doing other activities. These are faster to load where all the web elements are neatly placed.

With the demand for mobile applications over websites, web developers are now devoted to making sites that can experience like apps.

Dynamic Content

Based on the user’s language, geolocation, gender, interest, and several other factors, the site is ready to serve the dynamic content in 2022. Incorporating machine learning with web designing will give a new turn to server the personalized content to the users.

Ai-Based Chatbots

Most of the websites are currently automating their chat system with a list of prepared questionnaires. But the human mind is creative and can ask the query beyond the set of predefined questions. Gambling industry was one of the first who implemented chatbots into their processes. You can check how good they work on Goldenslot Casino and ensure that this technology can contribute a lot to your business success.

The new website design trend is adopting AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to assist the user around the clock. AI chatbots will give the same experience like the user is connected with a human to seek assistance.

Blend Of 3D Effects

Using images in the background, placing catchy text, overlapping the section, and other purposes make the web page heavier. And users even don’t want to wait for loading all the heavy graphics.

As the enhancement to user experience with creative layouts, we can see the usage of 3D effects, vectors, illustration, and all the advanced graphic technology as the new trends in web development.

Glass Effects

Similar to white space, transparent look like glass in box overlapping, image shifting, slider change, and other elements of the website gives pleasure to eyes. Few web owners have already taken advantage; however, others are still planning to upgrade their existing design with the new trend of glass effects.

Voice Search Experience

Alexa and ‘Hey Google’ has been changed the way of browsing the internet through voice search. To stay in the competition and fulfill the user’s demand, web designers are focused on optimizing for voice searches.

Generally, the footer is the last part of any site, so the creators don’t pay attention to decorating it. To use the footer space smartly, the widgets like Google Maps, social sharing icon, navigation panel, image gallery, YouTube video placement, newsletter form, and more are taking place.

17 more trends we will see in website design 2022

  • Gradient Colors
  • Neomorphism
  • Storytelling Sliders
  • Illustrative Graphics
  • Uses of GIFs
  • Transparent overlapping boxes
  • Gender Oriented Design
  • Data Visualization
  • Micro Animation
  • Abstract shape
  • Lead Nurturing Forms
  • Flat Design
  • Flexible Image Gallery
  • Brand Colors
  • Interactivity
  • Social Media Integration
  • Well optimized code

Wrapping Up

These are some latest web design trends we can see in the new year 2022. However, around 80% of worldwide internet users access the web through mobile devices. It is handy, yet mobiles are easy to access for shopping, reading news, playing games, and other application on the go using the thumb.

To date, websites have been losing the focus to give a thumb-friendly web experience to mobile users. But the trends are motivating them to create responsive hyperlinks, buttons, navigation bar, and other elements that can be easily clicked from any device. Though, we can say the new web era is going to devote itself to the responsive and faster web browsing experience. Recruiting High5 Hire Java developers can be beneficial to make sure that your website design is up to date.