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What Can You Store in a Bathroom Vanity?

Contemporary bathroom

If your home has a bathroom vanity, you have a lot of options for storage that you may not have considered.

This is especially true if you do not need to use the bathroom vanity in your home for what it is traditionally used for.

Although bathroom vanities vary from home to home in terms of size, something that is also true about them is that they all utilise similar designs.

Even though the overall designs of bathroom vanities can differ, these differences are very insignificant, and they still share the same universal purpose.

If your home has a bathroom vanity, you have the opportunity to use it to store all kinds of items that you never thought possible.

Before exploring what you can store in a bathroom vanity, let’s first explore the different designs of them, as minor as these differences may be.

Different Designs of Bathroom Vanities

Most bathroom vanities consist of a sink with a set of drawers underneath. These are the most common designs, but some follow a modified design.

Among these modified designs are vanities that contain recesses in the counters. This allows you to groom your face much easier, as it is easy to place a mirror on the counter then apply makeup, shave, or do whatever you need to do to groom yourself.

These kinds of bathroom vanity designs are rare because not only are they only found in older homes, they are also much more difficult to construct than the standard bathroom vanity designs we see today.

Despite the design of your vanity, you have more options than you think when it comes to what you can store in one. Let’s explore exactly what you can store in a bathroom vanity.

What Can You Store in a Bathroom Vanity?

Many underestimate the space they have in their bathroom vanity. They think that they shouldn’t crowd it too much for whatever reason, but this is not true.

While you cannot store anything large in your bathroom vanity, you can certainly store light items in one that would be far less than ideal if you stored them anywhere else.

You can typically store all of the following items in your bathroom vanity:

  • First-aid
  • Toiletries
  • Grooming supplies
  • Cleaning products
  • Cleaning supplies

As you can see, bathroom vanities are designed for storing small items. 

In fact, you can go one step further and organise everything in your bathroom vanity this way you will never need to worry about finding something. 

This is something that many ignore doing, often to their own detriment.

Here’s how you can do this with minimal effort.

 White tiled bathroom with frosted glass shower stall

How to Organise Everything in Your Bathroom Vanity

Now that you know what exactly you can and should store in your bathroom vanity, it is now time to organise everything that you want to store.

Doing this starts with your personal life situation. Are you single? Do you have a family? Do you have a lot of people coming over? This will affect how you should organise your bathroom vanity.

For example, if you are single and don’t spend a lot of time on personal grooming or maintenance but have people come over frequently, you might want to leave grooming supplies for last and focus on making sure you have plenty of first-aid items, toiletries, and cleaning supplies in your vanity.

If you have a family, and pets, and have lots of people coming over, you might need to take a more balanced approach.

No matter your living situation, organising your bathroom vanity revolves around a couple of key fundamentals.

Big items first

Remember, bathroom vanities are not like a closet or a nook. This means you need to limit the number of big items you store in it.

Because of this, you need to focus on your biggest items first: The cleaning spray bottles, small brushes, and generally any item that you use to clean since they tend to be the largest of the aforementioned five kinds of items you can store in a bathroom vanity.

You can think of storing a bathroom vanity like filling a bottle of rocks and pebbles. In order to fill the bottle completely, you need to start with the big rocks and then work your way down to the pebbles. Organising a bathroom vanity operates the same way.

What is important to your living situation?

Different living situations call for different items that you should store in your bathroom vanity. While you should be as balanced as possible when it comes to this, some living situations clearly prioritise one kind of item over another.

It is up to you to determine what that is and how that affects the overall organisation of your bathroom vanity.

What You Should Not Store in a Bathroom Vanity

Nothing electronic should be kept in a bathroom vanity. It is too close to the piping and other items that contain fluids, such as cleaning products. Keep these items where you can see them and away from anything that might get them wet.

Additionally, these kinds of items tend to take up a lot of space. This is space you need for everything else that you can store in your bathroom vanity safely.

There is a very good temptation to be lazy and store your hair dryer or beard trimmer in your bathroom vanity, but you need to resist this temptation no matter what. Not only will placing those kinds of things in the vanity make everything else disorganised, it is also dangerous.

Conclusion – Why You Should Organise Your Bathroom Vanity

Nothing brings more peace of mind than organisation, and your bathroom vanity is no exception.

It all starts with knowing what you can store and what you cannot store in it. Then you can move on to storing the biggest items in your vanity.

After that, you need to determine what you need the most and what isn’t a big priority.

That is how to organise your bathroom vanity so that you can get the most out of it.