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What is Kitchen Island? — Tips to Pick the Best Design

Kitchen with center island with cooktop

The kitchen is the heart of the home, where you prepare lovely meals, have midnight snacks, or learn new recipes. This place deserves some revamp and different style upgrades with trending kitchen islands. This is a very functional and attractive place that is immensely trending. So, here the answer to what is kitchen islands and tips to pick the best design with some additional information. Let’s have a look!

What is Kitchen Island?

The kitchen island is at the center of the kitchen, which is mostly rectangular, providing extra space for chopping, preparation, eating, or even cooking. Also, it adds in lots of storage and looks very stylish. Your kitchen island can have a minimum of 40 by 40-inch dimensions, which is sufficient for small kitchens.

It elevates the style of the place as it has become an important essential for a kitchen with multiple functions. Stylists recommend decorating this island counter with minimalistic vases and pretty flowers.

Also, to add interest in this area, you can align some cheerful wall art. On the opposite wall hang something like these soothing cherry blossom paintings. It will make this area more inviting and add personality and texture. Bring minimalistic decor around this area so that you can work more on the counter.

Fully Functional Kitchen Island

A fully functional kitchen island has a small sink, proper plumbing, and a small cooking area. So, it’s a small kitchen island where you can eat, cook and sit. Also, you can incorporate lots of cabinets to add extra storage. It is quite functional and lets you practice cooking sessions in a small area.

Pantry Kitchen Island

This one is the most practical kitchen island with an open revolving pantry. This is the ultimate trick to adding more storage and an island for performing kitchen tasks. You can go for clean, easy-to-access glass jars and place them in sequence. Not only does it looks amazing, but the quick access feature is amazing. You can keep them in revolving racks or add cabinets to cover them.

Kitchen with marble center island with sink

Cabinet Kitchen Island

A cabinet kitchen island having wooden cabinets and a granite counter is the most basic and elegant kitchen island. You can store plenty of extra things here, making it look straightforward. Simple shelves in cabinets with solid black or white colors look subtle and very functional.

Curved Kitchen Island

A curved kitchen island is for someone who loves retro designs and curves. It looks cute, and you can add curved chairs, pendant lights, and a pretty flower vase. Also, it is great if you want to avoid edges and give a good mold to the counter.

Dining Table cum Kitchen Island

It’s a little long island kitchen with dining chairs and a lot of space for keeping food and performing kitchen tasks. It’s a quite functional kitchen island, which is convenient and a great corner.

Angles Kitchen Island

Angled kitchen island is for kitchens that have lots of space. You can create an L-shaped kitchen island with lots of cabinetry and counter space, which can simultaneously include many tasks. It looks quite stylish and trendy in the kitchen these days.

How to Style Your Kitchen Island?

To style your kitchen island, you can follow the interior design of your kitchen. If it’s modern, contemporary, and minimalist, you can go for an all-gray, white, or black kitchen island. Place a flower vase on it and bring in high chairs.

If you love a colorful kitchen island, go for mosaic print tiles on the vertical plane of the kitchen island. Place flowers, fruit baskets, candle holders, etc. To add an eclectic element, you can hang a pendant hanging light just over the island.