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What Style of House Is Most Popular in 2022?

Modern open kitchen in an Australian coastal house

The traditional Australian house is made of brick with terracotta tiled roofs. Of course, they also have verandas and external shutters, allowing everyone to make the most of the different weather patterns. 

However, styles and trends change, even in the property market. Whether you’re looking to build your own property, or learning to become a real estate agent from Courses, you need to be aware of the latest trends in order to create houses that are appealing, easy to sell, and still provide all the necessary comforts.

It’s worth noting that it’s not just about styles. You also need to consider how environmentally friendly a home is. This is becoming increasingly important for homeowners. That means, regardless of the style of the home, it needs to be smart connected, low energy usage, and manufactured from as many green materials as possible.

Coastal Hues

Research has shown that the Coastal Hues is currently the most popular style of house. The name reflects the fact that the house style is based on the ocean. The fact that 85% of Australians live within 50km of the coast shows how important the sea is to everyday life.

Coastal Hues incorporates an open-plan living area with natural colours. It will often include white walls and natural features. These are generally wood-based, although anything organic will help. That includes cotton and natural jute.  

Naturally, the house has splashes of colour. Most commonly this is done with a bright green, helping to bring the outside inside every day. 

This style of house was first introduced in 2020 as the global pandemic was raging. The idea was to encourage people to embrace nature more and value the solitude and comfort that can be offered by a modern home. 

It’s worth noting that this is a refined look. Coastal hues doesn’t mean painting your walls white and adding sea shells everywhere. It is more a reflection of a long lazy day by the sea, making it more like a casual Hampton look.

 Typical Australian Queenslander-style house

Queenslander House

While coastal hues have developed an impressive following, it’s not the only popular option in 2022. In fact, the Queenslander home has been popular for many years and is still popular today. 

It’s effectively a wooden house on stumps. These lift the house off the ground which serves two purposes.

1. Keep The Wood Dry

Damp wood becomes mouldy which creates health issues. It’s also likely to rot, ruining the wood and potentially causing structural issues.

Keeping the house elevated helps to ensure airflow which prevents moisture from building up. 

2. Avoid Floods

Raised houses are naturally better when the winter rain arrives and causes flooding. The Queenslander is above the flood water, keeping you and your belongings safe.

Different Regions

Although most Australians are close to the coast, there is a big difference in the way people live and the styles that appeal to each person. While Coastal Hues are one of the most popular styles currently available. It is just one style. You should see the merits in all the different styles of home. After all, variety is the spice of life.