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When Is the Best Time to Buy a Snow Blower?

Snowthrower ready for cleaning the snow in the winter after a snowstorm

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Buying a snow blower is all about timing. Purchase your machine at the right time and you’ll get one that fits all of your needs while ensuring you’re prepared for the worst winter has to offer. Wait too long or purchase at the wrong time, however, and you could be left out in the cold.

Before we get into when to buy a snow blower, remember you have multiple options of where you can purchase it. Big box retailers, independent dealers and online shopping through snow blower manufacturers like Troy-Bilt are options to consider when making your decision.

So, when is the best time to buy a snow blower? We’ve picked out three times of the year when snow blowers are often purchased and broken down who should consider buying at these times, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of getting a snow blower then. 

August to October

Best Time to Buy For:

The person who loves to be prepared. When you buy a snow blower in the late summer or early fall, you’re guaranteeing that when the first major snow fall of the year inevitably arrives that clearing your driveway (and your less-prepared neighbour’s driveway) will be no issue.


The benefits of buying a snow blower in the late summer or early fall, aside from being the person on your block who’s ready for anything winter has in store, are two-fold.

First, there are usually plenty of pre-season sales to take advantage of as dealers and manufacturers move from summer into winter and begin to emphasize snow blowers over lawn and garden machines. 

Second, there’s normally a better selection of snow blowers available at this time of year, meaning that if you’re interested in buying in the late summer or early fall, you’ll have a good shot at getting a snow blower with the features and specifications you need for your property.


It never hurts to be prepared but, depending on the climate that you live in, there’s a chance that the snow blower you’ve purchased early could go unused for a number of weeks if the winter weather gets off to a slow start. A risk worth taking, in our opinion.

 A snow thrower is the best assistant for snow removal in the winter

November to February

Best Time to Buy For:

People who don’t mind last-minute shopping. If you’re buying at this time of year, there’s a chance you’re scrambling to prepare for the snowstorm you just saw forecast on TV or you were caught off guard by the first snowfall of the season.


If you’re willing to wait into November and December to buy a snow blower, then you’ll likely be able to get in on potential sales that happen during the holiday season. Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Boxing Day may all be opportunities for you to find a great deal on a snow blower.


If you wait until this point of the year, your first disadvantage is that you might have to endure a snowstorm or two without being able to clear your property with a new snow blower. Additionally, this is a time of year when snow blowers are in relatively high demand, so you’ll be vying with everyone else who decided to wait it out before buying a snow blower. Due to this high demand, getting a deal on the machine you want is less likely and you may not have as much choice as you would if you bought a snow blower in the late summer or early fall.

March to May

Best Time to Buy For:

People who are determined to get the best deal. Buying a snow blower when there’s no more snow in the forecast for a few months may seem counter-intuitive, but it’s also a great time to get a good price. 


With manufacturers and dealers focussed on preparing for the spring and summer seasons, many will offer customers lower prices on snow blowers to help turn over their product. If you’re prepared and know what type of snow blower you need for the conditions where you live, you could find a deal better than what’s offered during the rest of the year. 


The flip side of buying a snow blower this time of year is that your choice of snow blower models may not be as good as they would be if you purchased in late summer or early fall. You’re buying at the end of a full snow blower season and, even though you might find a great deal, the selection could be minimal.