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Why and When You Should Hire An Emergency Plumbing Company

Why and When You Should Hire An Emergency Plumbing Company

As a matter of speaking, you call your regular plumber because you want to. You are planning to install a new appliance, audit your system, clean your drains or maybe run an additional pipe or two. But if you need an emergency plumber now, it means that you have a full-blown crisis on your hands that simply cannot wait. You need a reliable service provider to get it fixed fast and prevent further damage. And unlike plumbing projects that you can schedule during your free time, crises tend to happen 24/7 when you least like to expect them.

What are the most common plumbing emergencies?

If you need to call an emergency plumber, you probably experience one of these 7 critical situations:

  • you find yourself without running water at all;
  • drains keep getting clogged even after you clean them (can indicate a major sewer problem);
  • the water heater broke (especially in the middle of winter);
  • your DIY plumbing project ended up in a disaster;
  • a pipe burst and your basement is flooding with water;
  • the toilet is overflowing like Niagara falls;
  • you suspect a gas leak. 

In addition to increasing your water bill, these problems can lead to property damage and in some cases, like gas leaks or sewage backups can even pose a health hazard.

Differences between regular and emergency plumbers

All plumbers deal with various issues associated with pipes and appliances. However, some of them work with homeowners only, others deal with commercial buildings as well. Before calling a plumber in the middle of the night, make sure that they provide emergency services. Usually, it’s stated on their website. It is worth mentioning a few differences that set them apart from their 9-to-5 colleagues.

General availability

Emergency plumbers are here to help 24/7. Experienced service providers can arrive at your location within an hour after you give them a call. You don’t have to wait until the morning or when the weekends are over to fix the issue. It’s advised to find emergency plumbers in your area and save their contact info before you discover yourself in the middle of a crisis.

Setting an appointment

You need to book a routine plumber at least several days ahead before you can proceed with your plumbing project or appliance installation. To hire an emergency plumber you don’t need to set an appointment at all. Simply give them a call. If they get requests from several customers at once, they will assess their situations and assign a top priority level to those that cannot wait.

 Why and When You Should Hire An Emergency Plumbing Company

Skill level

Regular plumbers can be hit or miss. But only the most skilled professionals that have years of experience dealing with difficult situations provide emergency services. They have the tools, the knowledge, and the audacity to tackle even the scariest plumbing disasters head-on. They are also able to diagnose your problem much faster and choose the right course of action without wasting a single minute.

Expenses and savings

Due to their nature, emergency repairs are often more costly than regular projects. And since such service providers tend to be more experienced they also charge higher hourly rates. Emergency plumbing companies need to attract top talent and ensure that they have enough specialists to help several clients at once. Despite that, a reasonable, customer-oriented provider offers flat fees and doesn’t charge extra for estimates or travel to the location.

Despite all of that, you will save money if you hire an emergency plumber. If you give them a call fast enough and they can prevent a plumbing disaster from getting worse, you will avoid a much higher repair bill. The longer your property keeps being flooded due to a burst pipe or an overflowing toilet, the more you’ll have to spend on water damage repairs.

Business owners lose money by staying closed due to plumbing emergencies. Fixing them as fast as you can and then reopening to serve your customers is your number one priority.


Emergency plumbers have the tools and modern machinery to deal with the most complicated issues. They bring all the necessary equipment with them to perform repairs fast and prevent further damage. Good service providers keep their tools in good shape and always ready.

Insurance and license

Emergency plumbers often work in very uncomfortable and even dangerous conditions, during any time of day and night. Therefore, they must be insured and licensed to perform such kinds of services. You should ask about the license and other documents before you let a plumber repair your system. This way, you will ensure security for your family and even the person who performs the task. Emergency plumbers should have proper safety training as well.

Your peace of mind

If an emergency happened during the night, waiting until the morning for a regular plumber to come can stress any homeowner. While you will be paying a little extra for your trouble, if you consider your mental well-being, the price is absolutely worth it.


While you should not hesitate to take measures to protect your home from plumbing emergencies, knowing an experienced, reliable service provider is an absolute necessity. Even if you are properly insured, and regularly check your pipes and appliances, you are not completely free of risks that can jeopardize the safety of your family and property. If a dangerous situation happens, contact the emergency plumber immediately and take action to prevent further damage.