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Why Signs Don’t Have To Be Boring

Why Signs Don't Have To Be Boring

Signage is something that is part of everyday life. Yet, most of us are not really aware of it. Sure we stop at the stop sign, note the “beware of the dog” sign when delivering leaflets. But, they are very much in the background. Something we only pay attention to on the sub-conscious level.

This is mostly because the majority of signs are boring and mundane. They kind of fade into the background, but as you can see from this website, they don’t have to be boring.

 Why Signs Don't Have To Be Boring

Customised signs open up a world of possibilities

Signs can be customized in many different ways and we are not necessarily talking about making your own signage, here. It is now possible to go online, pick out a standard sign and have the wording you want incorporated into the design.

Be different and make a bigger impact

This is great because it opens up the opportunity for you to get your message across in an eye-catching and innovative way. What approach you take is up to you.

Some people use humor or play on words. Others use strong, authoritative wording to warn off potential intruders, vandals and house breakers. Both approaches are effective, depending on the circumstances.

 Why Signs Don't Have To Be Boring

Add some imagery

Some sign manufacturers give their customers the chance to add an image to customize their sign further. If you are good at drawing you can use a cartoon or diagram to catch people’s eye.

Taking things a step further

But, you don’t have to stop there. You can use other techniques to make your signage more interesting, so that it stands out.

 Why Signs Don't Have To Be Boring

Light up your sign

If you put up a sign that needs to be seen night and day, it is a good idea to install a light nearby. It can be a stick on, battery powered light or one that is wired into the mains.

In some circumstances, using a light that has been fitted with motion sensors is a good idea. For example, if you have a big dog that runs loose putting up a “beware of the dog” sign is essential. It warns anyone entering your property to be careful, which ensures your dog does not attack. If that happens, usually, regardless of the circumstances, the police are called. In some countries, if they deem the dog to be a danger, they will put it to sleep. A tragic series of events that can easily be avoided by putting up the right signage and lighting it properly, so it can be seen at all times. One way to do this is to fit a light with a motion sensor that is set up to cast its light over the sign.

Have fun with lights

You can also have fun with lights. Framing a “mind your head” sign with fairy lights ensures it can be seen and makes it look far more attractive. If your sign is in your yard, watch this video to learn how to safely put up string lights in an outdoor environment.