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Wine Shop Clad With 2100 Engraved Oak Panels

Sebastian van Damme

Rotterdam based Studio AAAN have combined architecture and wine in their design for the new wine shop Wijn aan de Kade. The store is located in a 1896 monumental building along the Admiraliteitskade in the centre of Rotterdam. The four storey shop has been transformed into a long, modern and warmly finished space clad with laser engraved oak panels.

The continuous space is flanked by two cabinet walls with niches, cupboards and amenities. Wine boxes are stored inside the cabinets, large cutouts function as displays for over 300 different bo1les of wine. Service areas like storage, toilets and an office are concealed behind the wall. The result is a clear and spacious shop with a strong focus on the wines. The cabinets are clad with oak panels which are engraved with labels of famous and desirable wine houses. The rear walls of the wine display cutouts show the original brickwork from the foundation of the 17th century VOC shipyard (Dutch East India Company).


The 200 square meter shop, consists of four levels; a basement, ground floor, mezzanine and first floor. In addition to the main retail space, the shop features a small bar, a kitchen, a tasting area and a cellar. The lowly lit wine cellar has an intriguing atmosphere while the other floors are bright and generous. Careful integration of daylight from above balances the perception of the entrance and the mezzanine in the back.


All furniture is custom designed. In the cellar two long black cabinets filled with fine gravel contain luxurious wines. A large cabinet with integrated cash register is placed on the ground floor. A small bar is placed on the mezzanine to accommodate small tastings. The first floor is used as the main tasting area for larger groups and contains educative tables with maps of wine regions engraved in the tabletops.

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images by Sebastian van Damme |Adriaan van der Ploeg