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Your Very Own Dog Run

Your Very Own Dog Run

Dogs are incredible. They make our lives better and have been our best friends for a very long time. Most of us spend the majority of our day at work, leaving our dogs at home by themselves. A lot of people tend to leave their dogs inside their homes for fear of something happening to their best friends while they are away. Although, this is a sure-fire way to keep your four-legged friend out of trouble there is another way, one where your pup won’t tear up your couch or get into something they shouldn’t.

A dog run is a safe space for your best friend to romp around in outside without worrying about them getting stolen or hurt. The dog run is accompanied by a kennel where the dog can rest and sleep in. This is especially important when it gets really hot out or it begins to rain. If you leave your dog outside all day and he or she has no protection from the elements you risk having your pup get sick. A lot of homes simply don’t have areas where your dog can go to cool off or rest. And although it might seem like a great idea to have a roof set up outside, a dog run will work you out a lot cheaper, it’s also specifically made to your dog’s needs. This won’t just help your dog blow off some steam, this will also be a good exercise with your pet, which can even replace a visit to the gym!

The first step is to decide where you would like the run to be installed. Do you want it right next to your home or a bit further away, so when you perhaps have company, the barking won’t drive everyone mad. This is all personal preference and whatever you decide, there is no wrong answer.

 Your Very Own Dog Run

The size of the run is the next question. If you have a large dog or dogs then obviously the pen will have to be a lot bigger to accommodate for their size and needs. Smaller dogs will need a smaller space to move around in. This is where you can’t skimp, larger dogs need more space unless you have a breed that isn’t as active. You can always walk your dog when you get home if he or she still has some energy to burn. A dog that is exercised daily is less likely to tear up your home or eat your door.

If you’ve decided on having a dog run installed and you aren’t a very DIY-inclined person then the best option would be to have professionals come in and do it for you. They will be able to answer any further questions you might have and will give you the best options available for your backyard. It will help if you know the exercise needs of your dogs and what space they will be needing, as this can differ broadly from one owner to the next. We all know a German shepherd will need more space than a Chihuahua so plan accordingly. And if your pets are on the older side they might not need such a big space either, just keep in mind that if you are planning on adopting more dogs in the future, the best option would be to build a larger dog kennels Sydney. Your dogs will thank you.

Owning a dog is not just about having a pet you give attention now and then. It is a lifelong commitment that needs a lot of love and attention. If you are planning on getting a certain breed of dog because it looks beautiful, you should first do your research on the breeds needs. Talk to owners that have the specific breed you are interesting in before adopting a dog that will end up eating your car’s tires.