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10 Alternatives Of Granite Countertops That You Would Want In Your Kitchen 

10 Alternatives Of Granite Countertops That You Would Want In Your Kitchen 

Granite’s an extraordinary counter material and it will add a class to your kitchen. It’s a glossy natural stone that reflects light. Now if you want something like that in your kitchen, go for it. But keep in mind that granite IS expensive and it might not be in everyone’s budget. 

Luckily, there are a decent number of alternatives out there and their number just increases over the long run

 Here are some extraordinary, non-granite surfaces to use for counters. Each one of them are promptly accessible.

1. Quartz

If we discuss quartz vs granite countertops, then quartz composites are a more up to date and developing class in the countertop world. Composites are produced using stone total and polymers that compacted under high tension. The subsequent material is for all intents and purposes non-permeable and similarly as solid as most regular stones. Since it’s a fabricated item, it has steady tones and patterns.

2. Marble

Hands down, one of the best countertop materials is marble. Marble isn’t for everyone however, It is a gentler stone than granite is and it scratches and stains easily. It’s an intrinsic trait of the material and honestly it’s basically why we like it to such an extent. We like materials that age and show wear. On the off chance that you don’t, then marble countertops are just not for you!

 10 Alternatives Of Granite Countertops That You Would Want In Your Kitchen 

3. Soapstone

Soapstone is a delicate, non-permeable, regular stone. Notwithstanding its delicateness, it’s pretty tough stuff. It is consistently a dull stone, practically dark and it generally has a sharpened surface. Individuals who cook love it since it’s a brilliant heat protector.

4. Wood Countertops

Wood counters have never truly disappeared and are as of now getting a charge out of somewhat of a renaissance. Adding a wood top to an island while utilizing an alternate material for the border counters is a spectacular method to add some intrigue and capacity. Wood counters require intermittent oiling to keep them from drying out yet they add a glow no other material can.

5. Concrete

Concrete is a developing section of the countertop market also. In the possession of a gifted specialist, there is for all intents and purposes no shape, shading or finish it can’t change into. This is another solid counter, however the expansion of glass total gives it the presence of terrazzo. Since all solid counters are unique, adding distinctive hued glass or stone to the blend while it’s being made can be only the thing if there are explicit tones you’d prefer to coordinate into a plan

 10 Alternatives Of Granite Countertops That You Would Want In Your Kitchen 

6. Glass

Glass is an extraordinary counter material, and the thickness of glass utilized as a counter invigorates it a that is hard for different surfaces to coordinate. It’s such a surprising material for this utilization that it never neglects to get a positive reaction.

7. Paper Stone

The counter in a green item produced using post-buyer reused paper blended in with resin. The material is called Paper stone and it’s a solid, waterproof choice if maintenance is one of your redesign objectives.

8. Stainless Steel

Stainless steel was developed in the mid-1900s and advanced into business kitchens not long after that. It was a short advance from business to private kitchens and it’s been a backup from that point forward. Stainless steel is a work of art, however one with a mechanical edge. The introduction of foodie culture in the United States has carried with it a restored interest in stainless steel as a counter material.

 10 Alternatives Of Granite Countertops That You Would Want In Your Kitchen 

9. Corian

Before the enormous move to rock and regular stone 10 to 15 years prior, Corian was the go-to counter material. It’s making a rebound with new shadings and surfaces and as consistently it very well may be framed and formed into anything somebody can envision.

Corian and the remainder of the items that make up the strong surface classification remain the main material that be seamed undetectably. In its more current tones, this is a category that shouldn’t be ignored.

10. Laminate

You can easily install laminate countertop by yourself. It is smooth and looks great as well. A good and less expensive option you can go for other than granite.

If you don’t want to choose granite countertops, above are some of the best options of countertops that you can choose from without going out of the budget.