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10 Home Improvement Ideas for Those on a Shoestring Budget

Crop worker measuring window frame with ruler

Ksenia Chernaya from Pexels

Home renovations can be expensive, but there are some improvements you can make in your house without breaking the bank. If you plan right and decide what changes to make, you can transform the feel of your entire house with a single project.

1. Add Crown Molding

Upgrade the look of your rooms by covering the gap between the ceilings and walls using crown molding. This adds value to your home, and if you combine the colors right, your rooms will have a stunning finished look. If you want an extra budget-friendly option, you can use peel-and-stick crown molding.

2. Refresh Your Staircase

The stairwell is the first thing you see when you walk into most homes. Give your stairs a fresh new look with a low-cost stair runner. Alternatively, consider using peel-and-stick flooring or patterned wallpaper to break up the look of all-black steps. If you want extra storage space at home, you can incorporate pull-out drawers or hidden storage cabinets under the stairs.

3. Improve Your Kitchen Cabinets

One way to improve old kitchen cabinets is by painting them. As long as the doors and frames are structurally sound, you can clean up your cabinet and brush on any color of paint you want. You can opt for navy or charcoal-colored paint. Alternatively, go for all-white cabinets to make your kitchen feel bigger. For a glam finish, consider replacing the cabinet knobs and handles with gold, black, or silver ones.

4. Revamp Your Wood Floor

Wood floors are absolutely versatile, but high foot traffic and constant exposure to dust and dirt can make them appear dull. You can bring back your floor’s shine by polishing it with products designed specifically for wood floors. Consider polishing your wood floors at least once a year. But you can polish the high-traffic areas two to three times a year.

 Apartment under renovation

5. Give Your Fireplace a Makeover

A fresh coat of paint can give a boring brick fireplace a modern look. Consider applying high-gloss paint for an attractive contemporary look. Due to years of blazes, fireplace mortar can crack and fall out, leaving the bricks more vulnerable to damage. So before painting, examine the condition of mortar in the firebox, replace any that has deteriorated, and clean thoroughly to loosen grime. Remember to apply a stain-blocking primer to cover any soot stains.

6. Tidy Your Entryway and Accessorize  

Your entryway is one of the first places guests see, so it must be tidy at all times. One way to make this happen is by using storage solutions such as cubbies, lockers, and wall hooks. Your entryway furniture can perform double duty, such as a shoe caddy that also serves as a bench. Consider improving the look of your front door by accessorizing with upcycled or vintage fixtures.

7. Install Light Fixtures

Light fixtures can significantly change the look of any space. Instantly boost your room’s sophistication by installing a catchy chandelier, sconce, or pendant. You can invest in smart lighting that can allow you to adjust the temperature and brightness of your space depending on the time of the day and what you’re doing.

8. Do Away With Closet Clutter

Your home will feel less cluttered when there is a proper storage space for everything. You can easily switch up your closet space by installing adjustable closet shelving systems. Ensure you measure your closet space before purchasing new closet organizers from the store. Also, consider your current and future lifestyle and take an inventory of the teams that will be stored. With this information, you can look for organizers that will allow you to maximize your closet capacity. Cutting the clutter makes your space work better for your daily routine.

9. Install a Water Filter

If you’re one of those who switched to bottled drinking water due to concerns over the purity and taste of your tap water, you may want to consider a less-expensive way to get clean water. Install an under-sink water filtration system and save yourself hundreds of dollars monthly. Since this type of filter is concealed under the sink, it saves space, and its filtration is highly efficient.

10. Install Ceiling Fans 

Ceiling fans are great energy savers for summer because they help circulate cool air, reducing the strain on air conditioners. Also, during winter, ceiling fans can keep the room warm by circulating heated air.

To sum up, there are many ways you can add value to your home for less cost than you would think; and if you have a reverse mortgage, your payments are zero, allowing you to make improvements on the home. With a reverse mortgage calculator, you’ll be able to figure out how much relief you can obtain from a reverse mortgage to make those improvements you’ve been procrastinating on!