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10 Life-Changing Books That Will Make 2020 the Best Year Yet

As we enter 2020, the fascination with the book reading is stronger than ever as the new authors always emerge while the classics are read by the younger generation with the same amazement as their parents once did. Thoreau believes that a person must read the best books as there will be no time to read them all. While the statement rings true, what is considered as the best is often purely subjective, yet it cannot be denied that there are life-changing books 2020 that will definitely make it to almost anyone’s reading list.

Nevertheless, it does not have to be a book that has been published a few months ago because it is never too late to discover a timeless classic and apply it to a modern situation. Imagine an average college student reading an online blog that mentions Meditations by Marcus Aurelius. Now think about how inspirational it feels to visit the local library for the first time and browse through the shelves. Picking the list of 10 life-changing books, there is no intention to fit a particular reader’s niche but rather give an opportunity to reveal the world of differences that make us united as one. 

10 Life-Changing Books to Read in 2020 

There are books that can make a person laugh and cry through the same page and Path Made Clear by Oprah is one of those books that should not be missed. It is as sincere as it gets with a genuine explanation of why life matters and how the spirit prevails. 

Another life-changing book is Saving Each Other by Stacy Mitchell. While it is not an easy story to read, it speaks of survival through the loss and the times of sorrow, which is so important in the modern turbulent times. It is a great reminder of being there for the ones you love. 

The next entry is How to Write a Lot by Paul J. Silvia, which is a great book for college students and professors alike. Written by a psychologist, it explains how to become a better writer and spot the mistakes. Still, there are cases when it is necessary to find a good research topic or check the lengthy paper for plagiarism issues. This is when you need customized coursework help in the UK because only a trained professional can check the use of specific terms and the arguments. Writing well takes years of practice and the best method to become a better writer is reading. 

Now speaking of the thriller stories or the creepiest books out there, check out the upcoming The Other People by C.J. Tudor. It is an amazing psychological thriller with enough mystery, thrilling events, and suspense to keep you on your toes until you reach the last page. A reason why it belongs to books 2020 list is a strange sense of reality as the author’s style takes you to the heart of a story. 

Here comes The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. A novel originally published in 1967 was written by the author when she was 15 years old. Strangely enough, this book is one of the most popular among college students these days. The sense of alienation, being different, and finding your place under the sun is all there. 

The next three entries are taken by Stillness is the Key by Ryan Holiday, Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, and Being and Nothingness by Jean-Paul Sartre. What unites these three books is a quest for the essence of life and philosophy, which is revealed in an easy to read way. 

The list of life-changing books 2020 is summed up by the crime novel called Long Bright River by Liz Moore and Agency by William Gibson, which deals with the time travel technology and entering the alternative reality. Inspiring with an unusual plot, these upcoming fiction books are among the most expected in 2020. 

Culture of Reading 

 10 Life-Changing Books That Will Make 2020 the Best Year Yet

Although the statistics often speak against the popularity of the books these days, the culture of reading is slowly coming back as more young people discover the joy of flipping through the pages of a new book. There may be smartphones in the hands of the college students and the only reading they usually do is browsing through the course books, yet there are pleasant exceptions when reading in 2020 becomes a part of the daily life and a way to reduce stress and get away from technological advancement once in a while. As the people become disconnected from each other and communicate only via social media posts, reading a book becomes a secret asylum that takes on a mental ride and allows us to travel beyond time and space. Most importantly, daily reading is a direct way to becoming a better writer as the brain memorizes how to build up the sentences and express one’s thoughts in a clearer way. The books are like a caring teacher that will not punish in case something goes wrong. It is daily brain food and a way to improve cognitive skills while constantly learning something new.  


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