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10 Most Popular Niches on Instagram to Become Successful

Black guy takes selfie during his beauty routine

Tima Miroshnichenko from Pexels

Instagram is one social platform that not only helps you build a strong online presence in your field, but also helps expand existing businesses. However, if you are a beginner, you can look into the most popular Instagram niches and build a career around them and to get a kick start, look for the best sites to buy Instagram followers

The benefit of choosing a profitable Instagram niche is that you can grow followers faster and make money easily on Instagram. You can leverage this to promote your brand, business, and even your creative skills. Have a look at the ten most popular niches on Instagram that’ll help you become successful. 

1. Fashion 

Fashion, by far, is the most popular niche in Instagram. You will find millions of Fashion influencers and vloggers on this platform flaunting designer wear and accessories. With such an enormous demand for fashion content on Instagram, this niche has been one of the fastest-growing fields online. Even audience engagement is at the highest with fashion-related profiles. 

2. Lifestyle

Lifestyle is the most profitable Instagram niche and you can find millions of Instagram influencers showcasing their lifestyle across the platform. It is also one of the most practical niches which allows the viewers to get to know their favorite influencer in a better way. In this field, you can share your day-to-day activities, provide details about your work and hobbies. 

3. Beauty and Care 

The next big industry on the list is Beauty and Care. The competition in this field is quite fierce because there are hundreds of global brands and self-proclaimed beauty influencers promoting their content on Instagram every day. Therefore, to build a powerful presence, you’ll not only have to create unique beauty content but also get help from the best sites to Purchase active Ig followers

4. Travel 

Everyone loves to explore new places and those who can’t afford it, settle with following travel influencers on Instagram. Travelling may seem like the most expensive Instagram niche. However, you can start from small budget-friendly places and keep upgrading your travel content as you grow in your field. There is a plenitude of travel influencers who promote local, hidden places that are pocket-friendly for them as well as the viewers. So, don’t shy away from exploring this field if you love to travel. 

5. Food and Cooking

 If there is one thing that appeals to the entire nation, it is good food! Who doesn’t love to eat food that looks Instagram-ready? It’s a fact and this is exactly why Food and Cooking is the best niche to explore. Whether you are a home cook or a professional chef, if you’ve got the skills, this might be the perfect niche for you!

 Girl modeling a plasticine sculpture

6. Animals 

Who doesn’t love pets? Especially if they are adorable and can do some amazing tricks. Look at some of the celebrities like Lilly Singh and Priyanka Chopra who have the most amazing Instagram profiles of their pets. You can create an account and include photos of your puppy, kitten, or any animal that you have as a pet. You’ll not only enjoy doing it but also make a lot of profit out of it as you grow your following. 

7. Health and Fitness

Another niche that is gaining a lot of attention these days is Health and Fitness. With increasing health problems worldwide, people are becoming more mindful about living a healthy lifestyle. Not only are they looking to make their body fit but also improve their quality of life. So, if you are a nutritionist, personal trainer, or just an ordinary person who loves to stay fit, you can build your profile around the health and fitness niche. 

8. Memes 

All the Instagram fanatics are well aware of this niche and it is one of the wildly popular and profitable niches on Instagram. Over the years, Memes have become a way of expressing your thoughts about anything. This trend started a long time back but gained immense popularity over the years. Whether it is a political issue, a movie scene, or just a random video, if you have a good sense of humor, you can create amazing relatable memes. 

9. Arts and Crafts (DIY)

Crafts and Do-it-Yourself is one niche that can never go wrong on Instagram. A lot of people on Instagram love to watch this kind of content where they can learn and try new things at home. The arts and Crafts niche holds a lot of potential to make you go viral on Instagram. This niche gives you the freedom to create unique content every single day using your crafts work. 

10. Business and Online Money Making 

 Many of us love to explore new ways to earn extra income easily and thanks to the internet, we can do it from the comforts of our homes. This is where online business and money-making plays a key role to help people achieve their financial goals. It is a niche that will attract almost everyone on Instagram. 


The above list will provide an overview of the most profitable and wildly popular Instagram niches. So, if you aspire to become an influencer, you must check the above niches before starting your Instagram account. Choose the niche that compliments your creative ideas and skillsets.