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10 Tips And Tricks For Sprucing Up Your Outdoor Space 

Planted backyard

With the pandemic still in effect, most people spend more time at home and away from large crowds. This is an excellent time for you to transform your outdoor area into an interesting space perfect for socializing and events. It could also be a serene place where you can get some work done, do yoga, or curl up with an exciting book.   

By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to comfortably host your friends and family. Making your backyard the best place for socializing and connecting with loved ones.

1. Install A Beautiful Deck Into Your Backyard 

Installing a deck in the backyard is one way to upgrade the aesthetics of the property. It also increases its overall value and is a great place for relaxing or socializing with friends and family. Adding a deck into the backyard can also help you combat any pests you may have and keep some of the ground insects from coming into the house.   

You can install some bug repellent lights into your deck and turn them on when you are entertaining in the evening. This will keep everyone safe from mosquito bites, giving the space a romantic ambiance. In addition, you can purchase Exoshield wood stain for decking, as this can provide the deck with a water-resistant finish to your deck.  

If you’d like to learn more about Exoshield, watch the video below:

2. Get A Designated Bar Area 

This is a great addition if you love entertaining people with creative drinks. You will be able to keep all your liquor and various wine and shot glasses in one place. Furthermore, you can even hire a mixologist to impress your guests. A designated bar area is a great addition for people who love socializing with drinks, and if your guests bring kids, you can create a mini-identical juice area for them not to feel left out. Your bar area doesn’t have to be extravagant if that’s not your style; it should just be easily accessible to guests.  

You have free reign on what materials you want to use to construct your bar area, and you can always consult with a professional to make sure you are getting the best value for your money. Remember to stock up on non-alcoholic drinks if some of your guests do not drink alcohol.   

3. Get Some Eye-Catching Cushion Covers 

If your outdoor space has a patio with some outdoor furniture, it may be time to inject new colors into your setup. Getting new cushion covers will be cheaper than buying new cushions. Moreover, you can easily switch up the color and mix and match depending on the mood or the event. Just remember to always wash the covers at least once a week so that they do not collect dust and dirt and are always fresh and clean for any social activities.  

There are many styles and colors to choose from, so pick covers that match your preference. If your cushions at home are not good quality, you can swap them out for new ones. Cushions and cushion covers are also available at most homeware stores.   

4. Lay Out Some Beautiful Rugs 

This is a great way to give your outside deck area a facelift without having to install a feature or buy new furniture. There are also several styles available that you can choose from and sizes to accommodate any event. The best part is that you can decide on the arrangement and color. This is also a great way to cover up any permanent stains that your deck or patio may have without fully repairing it, saving you money.  

You can also use rugs to show guests where the designated seating area is, and it can also add a warm ambiance to the space. Outdoor rugs are more durable, so they will not easily get damaged in outdoor weather. They also won’t easily get waterlogged or muddy in case of rainy weather. It’s a great way to add a pop of color to your backyard without repainting anything.  

5. Install A Mesmerizing Water Feature 

Water feature structures are a wonderful addition to any outdoor space, and it provides a dynamic focal point that can bring the whole outdoor space together. It also provides a more tranquil ambiance to any event or occasion and is an outstanding feature that guests and family can feast their eyes on. You can choose many designs for your water feature, from sophisticated fountains to cute and practical ponds with koi fish.   

Whatever water feature you decide to install, make sure you stick to your budget and consult a professional. A professional can help you get the water feature of your desire while also saving you money.  

 Backyard canopy creates a shady area for dining

6. Go Wild With Different Plants And Flowers 

If you have been blessed with a mighty green thumb, this will be a wonderful addition to your outdoor space. Plants and flowers come in different colors and shapes depending on their species, which can add a rainbow of color to your yard. Furthermore, if you couple your plants and flowers with some soft lights, your backyard will transform into a beautiful wonderland experience.   

Remember to care for the different flowers and plants and carefully make sure they are watered. If you don’t have enough time to maintain your garden yourself, you can always hire a gardener. Find out if any family member is allergic to any flowers or plants before planting them to avoid any accidents.      

7. Add Some Lights Near Your Plants And Flowers 

Lights come in different sizes and styles. Choosing the ones that complement the event and your style is a must. Adding lights to your backyard creates a charming ambiance that is very inviting, especially if you place them near your plants and flowers, as mentioned earlier. These plants and flowers are highlighted and become one of the focal points of your outdoor space. It’s a great way to show off the lovely garden, and the guests will know exactly where to go because the path has been lit for them. You’ll be able to enter a fantasy world of your choosing as you get to decide on the designs of the lights. 

8. Get A Gazebo For The BackYard 

A gazebo is a wonderfully classic installation that you can have for your home. It provides a nice shady area for you to relax and take in the ambiance. The hexagonal shape of the gazebo also provides a dynamic addition to your yard and can even be used for outdoor weddings. Thus, you get to decide on the materials used in the gazebo, and once again, make sure you consult a professional to get the best results.  

A gazebo provides an intimate space for guests and family members who want a little peace. It’s also a great place for a telescope if you have family members or friends interested in stargazing.   

9. Add A Pergola Attached To Your House 

Unlike a gazebo, a pergola can provide an intimate enclosed space without having any closed-off areas. It’s an open top with open sides that offers the illusion of enclosed intimacy. In this way, you will constantly have access to your backyard view and still get the feeling of being outdoors. If you are not a fan of the open spaces but still want to install a pergola in your home, you can invest in getting some blinds or shades that you can attach to it.  

This will allow you to have your pergola open or closed, depending on the weather or the event. Your contractor will also provide you with any material choices you can select from so that the pergola is in harmony with the rest of the house.   

10. Invest In An Outdoor Kitchen 

This is a great addition to any outdoor space if you like to cook and entertain yourself outdoors. You can design the floor plan of your outdoor kitchen to decide where you will place essential aspects, such as the kitchen island and the grill or stove area. A bar area is a great place for guests to socialize or throw down in the kitchen. You can hire a private chef for the fancy events or cook in the kitchen yourself for the laid-back family grill days.   

Installing an outdoor kitchen in your backyard can be expensive, so only do this if you can afford it. You can also consult with your contractor when it’s time to decide on the size of the kitchen and what materials would be best for this space. Remember to keep all pets out of the outdoor kitchen, especially when preparing food.   


You will transform your outdoor space into a wonderful place to host guests and family by following these tips and tricks. It will allow you to spend quality time and bond with members of your family in a tranquil, comfortable space that has been molded by love to accommodate all the family’s needs. If you like to host friends, a great backyard can be a fantastic conversation starter, and your guests will be so excited to return for your next event.