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10 Tips For A Safer Home

10 Tips For A Safer Home

Unless your home has a perimeter wall, thieves and intruders will always find it easy to gain access to the property and even your house. Many of them will do so under cover of the night, with bolder ones doing so when no one is home. That said, it would be wise to take the proper measures to make your home safer. Here are a few tips and tricks how.

  1. Use Smart Light Bulbs

Smart light bulbs can be turned on remotely and even programmed to turn on and off at specific times. This helps give the impression that someone is home hence deter burglars from targeting your home.

  1. Keep Valuables Hidden

Do not leave valuables such as car keys, jewellery, etc. in easy to access areas. Leaving them in plain sight will only tempt passersby to want to grab them. Keeping them away would be a wise idea.

  1. Invest in an Alarm System

An alarm system works in two ways. First, it will be triggered when someone tries to enter your property forcefully, and secondly, be a deterrent for intruders. The sight of the alarm system alone is enough to make an intruder think twice.

 10 Tips For A Safer Home

  1. Ensure windows and Doors Are Locked

Make it a habit of locking all windows and doors when you leave the house, and at night as well. Consider investing in a good lock for your front door.

  1. Seek Professional Help from The Local Police

Although many people may be hesitant about this, the police can give you tips and ideas on how to keep your home safe. All you need to do is talk to them. You will be surprised how helpful they can be.

  1. Take Part in The Neighborhood Watch

Most neighbors are their brother’s keepers. Signing up for the neighborhood watch means you are willing to make an effort and contribute to keeping it safe. Your neighbors will, therefore, help alert you in case of suspicious activity in your property and around.

  1. Install A Perimeter Fence

In addition to participating in the neighborhood watch, you still need to ensure your home is safer than it was. One way to do so would be by ensuring the fence’s integrity isn’t compromised. Anyone looking to gain entry to your property should only be able to do so through the main gate.

 10 Tips For A Safer Home

  1. Trim Shrubs and Hedges Around the Property

Overgrown shrubs and hedges may provide the perfect hiding spots for intruders. Keeping these trimmed at all times will help improve visibility around the property, hence an excellent security measure.

  1. Invest in Security Lights

 A well-lit compound makes it harder for an intruder or burglar to hide or even target. You can, however, take security a notch higher by installing motion sensors to activate the lights. This way, you can know the intruder’s location as well as save on lighting bills.

  1. Get Comprehensive Home Insurance Cover

Should the worst happen and burglars target your home stealing everything, you need to have some backup for the same. A comprehensive cover is the only sound thing to do to protect your home from the worst. Having taken all the security measures outlined above, and many more, insurance premiums on the same should be more affordable and manageable.