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10 Vacation Rental Interior Design Tips to Increase Bookings

As a host, you are surely aware of the fact that first impressions are everything in the vacation rental industry. If your rental doesn’t look warm and inviting, you will probably have difficulties getting positive reviews needed to encourage more bookings. 

Vacation rental interior design has a big impact on the number of inquiring guests as well as on bookings you get. You may be the best and most attentive host and still don’t see the fruits of your labor in your profits. If that’s the case, you should consider redesigning your space to make it stand out in the crowd of numerous online listings.

Even though it sounds simple, furnishing and decorating your rental so that it looks inviting and is able to withstand wear and tear can be a challenging task. We put together a list of useful tips to help you refresh your interior so that you get more reservations and many repeat guests.

10 Tips to Update Your Vacation Rental Interior Design

1. Add a personal touch

The most common mistake vacation rental hosts make is decorating their rentals with furniture and artwork that can be bought at any large retail store. This is what creates an uninviting and unwelcoming atmosphere, making the interior look ‘generic.’ What you should focus on instead is giving your vacation rental a personal touch to make it feel more cozy. 

In addition to making your space look more inviting, you can also leave a welcome note for your guests. Composing a welcome letter for your guests will help shape an exceptional first impression and characterize you as a thoughtful and attentive host.

2. Portray the region through design

You don’t have to invest a lot of money in the interior design; smart investments in your rental will make it look more appealing and encourage inquirers to book with you. You can add unique details such as artwork made by local artists to make it authentic. Rely on colors and patterns that depict the region to emphasize the local experience you’re offering to your guests.

 10 Vacation Rental Interior Design Tips to Increase Bookings

3. Combine styles and colors

Eclecticism is what today’s interior design trends are all about. Combining several styles and mixing and matching colors is what gives an interior the uniqueness you’ll need for making your rental stand out. 

However, if you are not an interior designer or design aficionado, you should follow one style and stick with it when decorating your rental. There’s a thin line between eclectic and chaotic design, thus you should be careful when adding details and combining colors. 

4. Avoid leaving the walls blank 

Decorating with striking artwork doesn’t have to be expensive. Flea markets are great places where you can find unusual, eye-catching art pieces that are very affordable and look stunning when combined with modern furniture. 

5. Get rid of the clutter 

Probably the most important tip regarding vacation rental interior design is keeping the clutter under control. As explained above, you should avoid leaving the walls blank, however, be sure not to exaggerate with decorative items, plants, and even artwork. It is better to have empty spaces around the room than to have each inch filled with small or big details. 

Equip your rental with all the necessary amenities and be sure to regularly update your vacation rental inventory checklist. That way you will know the exact state of everything inside your home and prevent yourself from cluttering it with unnecessary items.

 10 Vacation Rental Interior Design Tips to Increase Bookings

6. Invest in durable and comfortable furniture 

Investing in quality furniture that can withstand wear and tear is a smart investment that will ensure that your place looks attractive for years to come. If you cannot afford expensive furniture at the moment, be sure to secure the basics first. Invest in quality linens and blankets, and sturdy furniture (at least a few pieces).

7. Make furniture arrangements

Instead of just filling rooms with furniture, create a comfy layout that allows guests to use the space effectively. Arrange the furniture in a way that allows a natural flow of traffic in rooms. 

8. Decorate with houseplants

Leafy plants add a homey touch to any space. Consider decorating your rental with easy to maintain, leafy plants. The more attractive your vacation rental looks, the easier it will be for you to maintain a high occupancy rate throughout the year.

9. Choose comfortable light colors

Nothing makes people more relaxed and comfortable than warm interior lighting. A small investment such as warm-colored light bulbs will ensure your guests feel carefree after a long day of exploring the region. Strategically place table and floor lamps around rooms so that they are useful and decorative at the same time.

10 Vacation Rental Interior Design Tips to Increase Bookings

10. Focus on the details

Remembering the little details such as leaving extra pillows and hangers or placing carefully arranged flowers in a vase in the entryway or on the living room table is a great way to show your thoughtful side and make your guest welcome.

Invest in Vacation Rental Design

Whether you are completely renovating your rental or you simply wish to refresh your interior, it’s important that you take these tips into consideration to improve the overall guest experience. Attractive vacation rental interior design will make your place more noticeable and memorable. As a vacation rental owner, you already know that every detail counts, so focus on the little things that will inspire inquirers to book with you again and again.