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2-Speed City Bike by Instrmnt + Freddie Grubb


Developed in collaboration with master bike builders Freddie Grubb, Instrmnt‘s 2-Speed City Bike incorporates the ethos of both brands, treating form and function with equal importance. Presented on the occasion of the London Design Festival 2015, each model is hand-built, with a two-speed Automatix gear system and SRAM coaster brake. Every single component has been selected to make city riding easier and more enjoyable, while a stitched leather top tube protector is designed to guard the bike frame from chips and acts as a carrying grip for the hand and shoulder. Ted Bennett, founder of Oxford-based leather specialists Longside, was commissioned to create the bespoke top tube protector in addition to a pair of hand-stitched handlebar grips. Colour matching Freddie Grubb’s iconic honey saddle, the tan leather elements sit alongside polished steel componentry and a semi-gloss Hayward Grey frame.

 2-speed-city-bike-by-instrmnt-freddie-grubb-1 2-speed-city-bike-by-instrmnt-freddie-grubb-2 2-speed-city-bike-by-instrmnt-freddie-grubb-3 2-speed-city-bike-by-instrmnt-freddie-grubb-4

all images courtesy of Instrmnt