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3 of the Best Student Cities Worldwide

3 of the Best Student Cities Worldwide

Whether you’re a graduate that has a great affinity for historic educational architecture, whether you’re a keen fan of university sports, whether you just want to party like a fresher again, or whether you’re actually toying with the idea of going to university, you should be sure to visit the three student cities listed below.

Sheffield, UK

If you’re a keen sports fan, then Sheffield is a student city that you should definitely consider paying a visit to. Being the first ever city be awarded the title the ‘UK City of Sport,’ this is a place where sporting culture can be found at every turn. For lovers of aquatic sport, especially, Sheffield is certainly a place of interest because it plays host to an Olympic-size swimming pool as well as the world’s deepest diving pool. On top of that there are the two rival football teams who compete for the bragging rights in this city, Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday, and then, there’s the world’s largest bouldering wall.

Should you be more interested in partying, fear not as there are plenty of nightclubs to be found in Sheffield. Most nights out start in West Street, which is convenient as most of Omnia Space’s student housing Sheffield can be found in this part of the city. The students don’t have far to walk, then, whenever they decide to go out and paint the town red!

Something else that you should know about Sheffield is that it is the UK’s biggest beneficiary of international students, thus making it the perfect student city to head to if you want to make friends from across the globe.

 3 of the Best Student Cities Worldwide

Boston, U.S.

You don’t have to study at the prestigious Harvard University or be a graduate of that particular educational establishment in order to visit Boston. This city is home to a number of other colleges and universities, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Tufts University, which means a range of students can be found here throughout the academic calendar.

If you’re a lover of great architecture and have a keen interest in the history of American academia, then you should be sure to tour the Harvard University grounds. Doing so will see you learn about the rich history of the university, and it will provide you with an insight into the unique student experience that is had here at this educational institution.

Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne has been dubbed Australia’s culture capital, which tells you everything you need to know about this student city. Whether you’re walking through the Queen Victoria market, relaxing in Federation Square, or riding the Puffing Billy steam train, you’ll be sure to find cultural trends at every turn.

Being home to a diverse student community, Melbourne is definitely a place that you should head to if you’re looking to meet new people, enrich yourself in an array of different cultures, and have a good time.

If you visit any of these student cities, above all else, you’ll be sure to have a fun, exciting, and memorable experience.