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3 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Designer For Your Kitchen Remodel

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Designer For Your Kitchen Remodel

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Remodelling a Kitchen is rarely a light undertaking. The kitchen is the heart of the home so once the work gets underway it can create a lot of disruption. If you have an experienced kitchen fitter doing the work then they can minimise the time you may be without crucial appliances like a washing machine or a hob. Specialist fitters will often work with designers during planning to make sure their clients can get the most from the space without leaving you without appliances. 

With so many things to think about and all of the tips and tricks to be found online, using a Kitchen Designer could be a worthwhile process for a number of reasons.

Measure Twice & Measure Properly

Measuring the space in your kitchen is the important first step. A millimetre here and a centimetre there can change a slick design to an aesthetic nightmare. Before you start looking at cupboards, worktops and flooring options you need to know the size and dimensions of the space you are working with. 

Having your kitchen professionally designed means you will get precise plans that account for things like mains supplies or structural features that need to be considered. A well-measured design means you will also save money on unnecessary materials and reduce the likelihood of any avoidable modifications down the line.

 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Designer For Your Kitchen Remodel

Getting The Most From Materials

As mentioned, proper measurements dictate the quantity of your materials & dimensions of the appliances you need. Once you know the measurements you can apply an economical design philosophy and ultimately save money on materials. 

When you use a designer you can also benefit from expert knowledge and insight. There may be some really practical and stylish options that you had not considered for your space, so speaking to a designer can help you consider more options and ultimately end up with a better kitchen in the end.

Finding The Best Appliances

Technology moves fast. This is especially true in the kitchen space – there are kitchen appliances available today that were science fiction less than 50 years ago. By discussing how you use your space you can objectively consider the layout of the kitchen. Only by taking a step back can you really appreciate how a space could be improved. For example, using a specific material can make your kitchen safer for children. You may also consider features that will be useful as you grow older that you hadn’t thought about because they are not relevant to your current lifestyle.

Professional designers really can help you find value in appliances as well as help you find things for the best price. Often the savings in materials and appliances will more than pay for the time of a design consultation.

 3 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Designer For Your Kitchen Remodel

A Designers Job Is to Get The Kitchen Right

When it comes to kitchen design there are so many options and additional extras that you can easily end up with an over-designed space. Sometimes less is more, but it is all about finding balance. 

Speaking to a company like Matter Designs can help give you some clarity in the design and decision making process. You can also call on their experience and contacts to find trusted people to carry out the work on your home. With positive reviews from clients all over Essex it is easy to see how the company has helped customers create dream kitchens. The company offers consultation, bespoke design and project management services to deliver dream kitchen spaces for their customers.