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3 Smart Ways To Finance Your Renovation

3 Smart Ways To Finance Your Renovation

Some people love their homes just the way they are, and won’t lay a finger on them for decades. But we’re the type of people who always have new ideas. Leaving the home as it is seems like a waste of the ideal canvas, a canvas that is ours to use as we want.

The problem is that, with the world unstable and the economy suffering, as well as many people losing jobs or having to spend money on health care, a renovation is low down the list of financial priorities. This is made all the more frustrating by the fact that we are spending more time in our homes than ever!

Fortunately, there are ways to finance a renovation without deprioritizing anything else. Try the following 3 ideas.

Embrace DIY

A lot of people are skeptical about DIY or look down on the idea. They believe that there is no way an amateur can create anything near as chic as the pros. Of course, this is often true. You’re not going to DIY an elegant living room set that doesn’t look cheap. However, there are ways to use DIY projects for home that elevate what you already have.

 3 Smart Ways To Finance Your Renovation

Think about it like wearing an Armani suit, but designing your own pocket square. If done well, it will draw the eye, even though it would be pedestrian without the suit.

You can create a statement piece for your living room that is creative and crafty while maintaining and elevating the elegance of the space.

But don’t start with your living room. Make some pots for succulents on your office desk or a planter for a small herb garden as a start.

Invest in yourself

If you have a guest room or a cottage, you have a means of making passive income. At the moment, with travel restricted and people unable to pay rent, it isn’t going to be an instant success. But it doesn’t need to be.

The knowledge that you can elevate your home in such a way that it will raise the value, means that you are making an investment. You’re investing in the guest room, but you’re also raising the value of the home for when you sell it one day.

This isn’t going to make money magically disappear, but it is a good motivation if you feel guilty about spending the money right now. As long as you know it is not going to harm your ability to provide in the present, it is an investment you can dig your hands into.

 3 Smart Ways To Finance Your Renovation


There is another direction you can go in altogether. Try out a minimalist aesthetic by rearranging what you have. Less is more with this aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean you can just remove items from a room. Minimalist design is about incorporating empty space.

By going through your home and collecting everything you don’t need, you can begin the process. Then, see how your rooms will look with the furniture arranged differently, or by switching out items.

With the stuff you have gathered, you can even upcycle to create some cool pieces of DIY decor.