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3 Thoughtful Gift Ideas on a Budget

3 Thoughtful Gift Ideas on a Budget


There comes a time in all our lives when the old adage our parents were so fond of – that giving is actually better than receiving – begins to ring true. Unfortunately for most of us, however, there is almost always one major sticking point that prevents us from enjoying gift-giving quite as much as we want to: a pretty tight budget. 

Fortunately, there’s no reason to curtail our skills in gifting just because of a stricter price point – especially when there are many fun ideas that you can use.

Giving gifts that genuinely mean something at the end will make your party an unforgettable event. Here are a few thoughtful gift ideas on a budget.

1. Personalized photo books

One of the best gifts you can give friends and family are priceless memories since, as the name suggests, you can’t put a price tag on happy memories. The great part is that most people already have some of their happiest moments on their smartphones and social media platforms like Facebook. 

The result is an endless treasure trove of memories you can use and personalize into something more physical and permanent. My Social Book, for one, specializes in exporting social media images and turning them into a physical book. You may curate a selection of photos to commemorate a friend’s birthday, or the time spent renovating a house – it will give them a chance to sit, inspect, and reminisce about a great time in yours and their life. 

When it comes to pictures of the time you’ve spent with your loved ones, there’s no better gift than a beautiful scrapbook.

 3 Thoughtful Gift Ideas on a Budget

2. Painted cutting boards

A great way to make someone happy is to take a useful item they can actually use, and to personalize it, turning it into a thoughtful gift. For example, you can purchase cutting boards and take the time to paint each one, pouring a bit of your heart and soul into every gift. 

Even if you don’t have a creative streak, the result is still something that most people would appreciate. Cutting boards make great gifts as they are practical, and they don’t break easily. You can collect a whole bunch and personalize them however you want. You could even add water decals if you aren’t a fan of painting.

3. The Mishmash

Last but certainly not least, you can collect various items and pair them together to create varied gifts. There is nothing nicer than a thoughtfully curated hamper – whether your friend is a foody, a workout enthusiast, or a full-time devotee to self-care.

Collect together bath bombs, hot chocolate, a face mask and a pair of fuzzy socks. Alternatively, make a hamper of artisanal cheeses, crackers and a chutney or too for the ultimate evening in.

There’s no reason to make things more stressful or expensive when choosing gifts you intend to give guests during your house party. All that matters is that you give them gifts that you genuinely want to share.