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3 Ways To Introduce Wood For Better Decor

3 Ways To Introduce Wood For Better Decor

Architects who love including timber in their design tend to be near obsessed. John Wardle Architects is definitely one of them, with their affection clearly demonstrated in many of their residential designs.

There is scientific evidence that being surrounded by wood reduces stress level. According to a recent report published by Planet Ark Environmental Foundation, timber also has a positive impact on lowering people’s heart rate and stress response in a variety of settings including bedroom and classrooms.

The benefits of timber, one of the most ancient construction materials, do not end there. For environmentally-conscious homeowners, timber is a very attractive resource as most timber used in building construction is procured from plantations and managed forests, making it the most renewable resource amongst building materials.

Another benefit to highlight is its excellent insulation abilities. It insulates 5 times better than concrete and 10 times better than bricks.

So given all this benefit, what is the best way to introduce wood into your modern decor?

 3 Ways To Introduce Wood For Better Decor

Wood and Furniture

The easiest way to introduce some timber into your interior is by coordinating wooden furniture. The beauty of timber is that it can seamlessly fit into various colour schemes.

Why not start with the bedroom which should be your rest sanctuary? Make sure you choose a reliable bedding brandto ensure high quality wood is used responsibly.

You can also add more accent to the decor by putting in a wooden panel behind the bed. Having wooden tables with matching chairs with partial timber can also add spaciousness to the overall feel of your living space.

Given the variety of wood, each with its own vibe and ambiance, ensure that the wood type and quality chosen for different furniture items are consistent.

 3 Ways To Introduce Wood For Better Decor

Wooden Flooring

Hardwood floors are often preferred by advocates of modern designs (over carpets). It is easier to clean and allows the home to look more spacious or open. While it does require some aftercare and maintenance to keep the intended wooden look alive for a long time, it is still more durable than carpets.

There are two main options when installing wooden floors – structural vs. floating.

Installation cost is flexible depending on your budget. In addition to the benefit of no stain or entrapment of dust mites/odour, it also allows for more flexible design tweaks to make your home look more spacious. Using planks and installing diagonally, for instance, are the few tweaks that could create an illusion of openness.

 3 Ways To Introduce Wood For Better Decor

Supplement with Natural and Neutral Themes

Introducing wood is beyond just adding some furniture and wall accents. The design impact of timber can be even more powerful when supplemented by other compatible themes. For instance, adding real plants throughout the house (strategically) will add to the more rustic and open feel of your home.

In order to reduce the harshness of contrast, picking neutral colours for the walls and furniture (and other accessories) would be advised.

Introducing more natural themes in addition to timber does not mean you have to sacrifice the ‘modern’ look of your home. As long as you are consistent with your choice of wood and the color mesh, your home can look extremely contemporary while incorporating the natural environment.