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360 Photo Booth Wholesale 411: Here’s How to Start Your Photo Booth Business

360 Photo Booth Wholesale 411: Here’s How to Start Your Photo Booth Business


Precious moments are timeless. You are not alone if you are constantly snapping dozens of photos each day to keep your memories safe.

Way back in 2019, people took a snap of over 1.2 trillion photos, and in 2022, it is projected that more than 1.6 trillion precious moments will have been captured on film. This means you are in good company!

Most people use smartphones nowadays, but there are some occasions where the small shutter is not enough. Events such as reunions, engagements, weddings, exhibitions, or office parties require professional equipment.

If you are a photography enthusiast, here’s some good news. You can turn your passion into a career by getting your equipment from a 360 photo booth wholesale provider.

Read on to find more tips on starting your photo booth business and achieving success!

Is a photo booth business right for you?

If you are passionate about the photography industry, the answer is a big yes!

Starting your own photo booth company allows you to work with professional equipment such as lights, cameras, and filters. There’s more fun than swiping Instagram filters over selfies!

You also bring smiles to people while capturing moments that are the most fun for them. Professional equipment from a 360 photo booth wholesale provider gives you a chance to share precious moments of your clients—and turn them into priceless memories.

The upfront cost of setting up a photo booth company is significantly lower compared to other business types. You can work pretty much anywhere, which means you don’t have to buy a super-expensive studio premise. This might be something that comes with growth, but you don’t have to worry about a studio during the starting stage.

Plus, it’s easy to make over $100 hourly at several events!

Apart from the money, growing your business is easy. Since there’s not much to purchase, you have the freedom to spread out your operations.

360 Photo Booth Wholesale 411: Here’s How to Start Your Photo Booth Business


If starting your photo booth company sounds like a lucrative option, it’s time to investigate your options and prepare. Fortunately, this is also easy.

Have a company vision and mission

Your business’ vision and mission statements help ensure that your venture follows a concrete and well-defined path. The vision statement should be engaging, catchy, and memorable enough so would-be customers will remember what your company does. A mission statement is a concise statement about what your business plans on doing, how it will get there, and where it will be in a few years.

Gather your equipment

Gather the materials you need to make your photo booth investment a success. This means purchasing a:

  • 360 photo booth—go to Studio Z 360 photobooth page to find out how it works
  • iPad with a quality camera or a point-and-shoot camera—you can always upgrade to high-quality equipment later
  • A backdrop and stand for the booth’s interior
  • Spotlights
  • Tripod
  • Lighting umbrella

Find your space of operations

A 360 photo booth for rent business goes to different events and operates there. However, have an affordable place you call your headquarters to operate from. This is also where you will store the equipment, conduct meetings with employees, and edit and print the photos.

It’s totally okay if you don’t have a premise right now! You can store the supplies in a garage, hold virtual meetings, or even physical meetings at your home. Photo editing and printing is something you can do remotely, which gives your employees a chance to set their work hours.

Create a beautiful website

Most business will come from online sources. In fact, initial meetings with 360 photo booth wholesale suppliers and clients are more likely to take place over the internet. This means you need an efficient way of contacting prospective suppliers and clients for quotes.

Have a section on your page that offers prospective clients a free quote of the project cost. You also need to have a way so clients can reach out to you and discuss different job aspects. How you conduct your online customer service is one of the major things that determine your success.

Make sure your website is engaging. You have only 15 seconds to create a lasting impression on potential clients, so make the most of the website’s home page.

Images and video content are critical for attracting customers. Make sure there’s a link to some of your past projects. Web visitors will look over the image portfolio to decide if your style matches their requirements.

Train your team

Hire people with valid credentials. The last thing you want is some whose only photography experience extends to Snapchat. But you can still train them on using your equipment to reduce mistakes when interacting with clients.

Instruct your employees on the specific photo style you would like your business to be famous for. Each photographer has a distinct aesthetic, something you should also value in your team members. However, it’s important to create a cohesive brand, so make sure your staff knows what you expect.

 360 Photo Booth Wholesale 411: Here’s How to Start Your Photo Booth Business

Launch your photo booth business

If you are ready to sell to clients, congratulations, that’s an amazing feat!

However, there are some critical things you need to remember as you launch your business, including:

  • Bringing them through the door — Create pages on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Invite people you think are interested in photoshoots and offer promotions and deals. These might be people who follow your competitor pages, planning a corporate event, or looking for services similar to yours. A launch party is also a good idea to showcase to clients what a 360 photo booth price package provides them.
  • Talk to clients — Before hiring a business, 90 percent of people will look at online customer reviews. This means having satisfied clients from the beginning is critical for business growth. Maintain constant communication with your clients, accommodate their requirements, and encourage them to leave online reviews.
  • Assess and reassess your needs — Analyze whether the business is meeting the objectives in your mission statement. This helps you know more about how your business is doing.

Get started

Having a photo booth business is both fun and lucrative! If you love capturing moments on camera, a 360 photo booth wholesale supplier can transform your passion into a profit in the blink of a shutter!

Are you looking for business opportunities that are more fun than work? We are committed to providing you with the best information out there, check out our blog section right now for more!