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4 Delightful Bedroom Decor Ideas You’ll Enjoy

Whether you’re looking to reset your space or you’re looking to introduce a little more personality in your bedroom, brainstorming bedroom decor ideas you can feel good about is always an exciting project.

Finding the right balance between practical and decorative pieces of bedroom furniture that won’t break the bank is the key to getting any redecorating project right.

From finding the best mattress you can for your space to investing in art you know you’ll be keeping around for the long-haul, here are four of our best tips for creating a bedroom you’ll be counting down to getting back to.

Tip #1: Finding the best mattress for your space

When it comes to a bedroom makeover, the best place to start is always going to be the object you use the most – your bed. Memory foam mattresses require special care and attention, so if yours has gotten older than eight years, it might be time to get a replacement. The best mattress for your bedroom is going to vary depending on the requirements you have for your own sleeping position.

Regardless of the type you choose to settle on, the best mattress should be engineered with ease of maintenance in mind. The best mattresses will also be hypoallergenic and should protect you with some form of warranty, so you can feel assured you’re making the best investment you can.

If you are replacing your bed, finding the best mattress size for your space is going to be equally important when it comes to bedroom decor. Remember to pick something that gives you ample space to navigate your space without feeling cramped or stuffy.

 4 Delightful Bedroom Decor Ideas You'll Enjoy

Tip #2: Use Lighting To Create A Calming Space

If you’re thinking of bedroom decor ideas that don’t have to break the bank, your lighting is a great place to start. Good lighting can make all the difference when you’re trying to create a space of comfort and rest.

Tuck flameless candles in between larger lanterns so you never have to worry about switching them out, but can remain to enjoy a little mood lighting in your space. If you’re a big reader, you may wish to opt for a larger lamp to park by your bedside for something a little more adequate that isn’t overly disruptive close to bedtime.

Tip #3: Picking Out Artwork For Your Space

Adding artwork to your room can be a great solution if you’re looking to add a pop of personality to your room. Treating the walls of your bedroom as blank canvases you can use to fill up with photographs or artwork you like can be a really great way to personalize your space.

 4 Delightful Bedroom Decor Ideas You'll Enjoy

If you do the printing on your own, it can also be a pretty inexpensive way to jazz up your space, since it’s possible to pick up cost-effective frames from your local utility store as well. Keep in mind you should try to avoid the trap of overcrowding your walls – something that can be done if you relegate the artwork to a certain space within the bedroom.

Tip #4: Using Storage Solutions To Minimize Clutter

While storage solutions aren’t exactly what comes to mind when thinking up bedroom decor ideas, they can actually act as both practical solution and decor piece for your space. Clutter can be distracting from the comfort of your space, so anything that minimizes that can be a help to your bedroom.

Look into pieces of bedroom furniture that double as storage pieces while still working as bedroom decor. Adjustable bed frames with customizable heights, for instance, or shelving for showpieces, can both work to add interest to your space.

Finding bedroom decor that brings comfort to your space takes time, but with a little planning, you can create a space that you look forward to being in. From finding the best mattress size for your room size to using fairy lights to bring some much-needed coziness, these decor ideas will have you lounging in no time.

Image courtesy of Lauren Coleman Photography