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4 Design and Security Considerations for Your Workplace’s Car Park

Entrance ramp of a multi-storey parking lot


An office building with a car park is a great perk for employees and management, so it’s worth adding one to your workplace. Of course, not everyone can design a car park; you’ll need the assistance of a contractor.

However, before you start the project, there are a few things you should know about the overall design and security of the structure. Below, we listed some of the most common considerations pointed out by experts, but keep in mind that every project has its own challenges.

1. Selecting the Right Car Park for your Needs

How many vehicles do you want to accommodate during the day? Will you allow for night parking as well? These and other questions are needed to understand the type of structure needed for your project. 

Most commercial parking lots follow one of these three designs:

1. Single-level parking – this is a standard parking area where every driver maneuvers their vehicle into the allotted slot (or where they find a free spot). 

2. Multilevel parking – this parking structure unfolds on several levels (2+) that can go up or down (underground). Depending on the way it’s built, the cars can be parked by their drivers or by a robotic-driven system that loads the vehicles into a lift and distributes them to a specific location.

3. Automated parking – this is often a tower-shaped car park that uses hydraulic or mechanical lifts to load the cars and transport them to a location in the tower. The cars are moved automatically, in a vertical or horizontal position.

Each car park type has pros and cons, so ensure you understand which one fits your current and future needs the best.

 Parking spaces on the roof of a building

2. Choosing the Right Parking System Parts

For a car park to be safe and easy to maneuver, you need several systems in place that control access, provide secure payment methods (if it’s the case), help drivers move around, and prevent intrusions.

All these systems are made of specific parts that come together in one homogenous parking system, and you can find them at AllSecurityEquipment. From barriers to ticket dispensers and surveillance cameras, you have to be prepared to invest in all these elements if you want people to feel comfortable leaving their vehicles in your care. 

3. Mobility Requirements

The design of a car park must follow a series of rules and regulations that make it safe and manageable. So, you have to think about the type of people that will be using your car park and their needs.

For instance, if your building’s car park will serve customers and employees, you need to create dedicated spaces for the employees since they are the ones who will need to use the car park daily during the week. However, you should also have an idea of the number of customers that need to park their cars on a daily basis.

Moreover, you need to know if there will be people with special mobility requirements, parents with young children, or elderly people who may need assistance.

4. Adequate Lighting

There are lots of cases of assault and burglary in poorly lit parking spaces, so people tend to avoid these areas. So, to improve the overall safety of your car park, install proper lighting systems that are energy efficient and don’t interfere with the neighboring buildings (if this is the case).

You can also use a colored lighting system to indicate available parking spaces, which will make it easier for drivers to move around.

Wrap Up

An office car park is a serious project that can improve your workplace’s rating on the market, but it needs to be well-researched in order to be successful. Besides all the permits and safety regulations you must follow, there are design, durability, and aesthetic considerations you need to keep in mind as well.