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4 Factors That Make Or Break Your Kitchen Renovation

modern kitchen with cabinets in green

So, you’re planning to renovate your kitchen soon. You think that taking this route will provide countless benefits—and you’re absolutely right. The kitchen is considered the heart of the home, and improving its aesthetics and function can increase the value of your property, enhance the safety and comfort of its space, and boost your home’s energy efficiency.

But before you roll your sleeves and start looking for inspiration online, it’s important to consider several factors first. The following factors can significantly affect the success of your kitchen renovation, so make sure to consider these as you’re planning for your project. 

1. Budget

Regardless of how simple or extensive your kitchen renovation is, expect that you’ll have to spend a certain amount on the project. And if you’re not financially prepared, the renovation project that you thought would bring benefits could only cause stress and a lot of debts. 

Prioritize your budget kitchen renovation cost before starting any project. To do this, set a goal in mind on what you want to do with your kitchen and then research the material and installation costs. For example, if you want to swap your wood countertops for granite, talk to contractors in your area to determine the cost and installation of the materials. 

Aside from allocating money for the purchase and installation, don’t forget to set aside funds in case any emergency happens during your renovation. Ideally, your emergency funds should be at least 10% of the total estimated budget for your kitchen renovation. 

2. Design

Wanting to renovate your kitchen is one thing and coming up with a design is another. When homeowners decide they want to renovate their kitchens, they immediately start the project even without a detailed design in mind. Doing the same can cause plenty of problems down the road. 

The design can make or break your kitchen renovation, so make sure to plan for this ahead of time. It’s important to figure out every aspect of the design before starting the project, as having a visual of how you want your kitchen to look isn’t enough. 

For example, if you want to improve the look of your kitchen storage, you should already have the design (which includes the materials, colors, and dimensions) of the cabinets you want to install. If the project requires adding color to the walls, carefully plan what colors or patterns you are going to use for your kitchen.

If you don’t have any idea how to come up with a design for your kitchen renovation project, work with a professional. Their experience in the industry will make it easier for you to come up with the kitchen design you desire and avoid making costly mistakes.

 Closeup kitchen cabinets

3. Kitchen Appliances

Every item you put in your kitchen can affect its appearance and functionality, which is why you should pay attention to your kitchen appliances. Creating the most aesthetically appealing kitchen design will be useless if your appliances clash with the theme or are not practical. 

Regardless of whether you’re going to buy new or keep old appliances, ensure that these pieces blend with your preferred design. For instance, if you’re going for an all-black kitchen, see to it that your kitchen appliances also come in dark hues. If you’re eyeing to adapt to a minimalist look, use kitchen appliances with minimal details. Also, buy or keep appliances that you will be able to use not just for design but also for cooking.

4. Spatial Lighting

All lighting fixtures can illuminate a room, but do you know that these can also impact the mood and ambiance of the space? Installing the right lights in the right location can add dimension to your kitchen, bringing more life and appeal to your renovation project. 

For your kitchen renovation project to succeed, don’t forget to consider spatial lighting. Strive to use lighting fixtures that help with your kitchen tasks as well as showcases the elegance of your brand-new kitchen, especially during the night. Doing so will ensure that your efforts in renovating your kitchen are properly highlighted. 

Some of the best lighting for kitchens are flush mount, semi-flush mount, dome-shaped, and pendant lights. Make sure to mix warm and white light bulbs to bring more drama and visual appeal to your kitchen. 

Work On Your Kitchen Pronto

By keeping these factors in mind, you can rest assured that your kitchen renovation will go smoothly. Taking into account the factors mentioned in this article will also ensure that the resources you put into the project will produce the best outputs. 

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t make any appointments for the upcoming weekend and start renovating your kitchen. Remember to follow the tips in this article and impress your friends and family with a brand-new-looking kitchen!