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4 Jobs and the Lifestyles that Go with Them

You should not confuse what someone does with who they are. In other words, if you meet someone for the first time, and you ask them their profession, you should not judge them based on what they tell you.

Some people have jobs that they don’t necessarily like or allow to define them. They do the work because they have an aptitude for it, and when they’re off the clock, they don’t let their work-life influence their home life at all.

However, other people have jobs that contribute to a particular lifestyle or mindset. They cannot ever separate themselves from the work, and when you start getting to know them a little, you’ll see why they chose the career path they did.

What we’re talking about is the connection between career and lifestyle. In this article, we’ll go over a few jobs and talk about the lifestyle and mindset that usually accompanies each one.


You might not stop to think about this often, but trucks run America. Most of the goods that travel around this country do so by truck. These are the big eighteen-wheelers that you see on the highway anywhere from the biggest cities to Small Town, USA.

The American trucking industry is worth $700 billion, and at any time, there are more than 2 million 

semi-trucks traveling over the highways and byways. But what about the truckers who drive them?

If you drive a truck, that often means you have a rugged, individualistic spirit. Some truck drivers have a college education, but many do not.

If you get into this profession, that could mean that you shunned academia and the corporate lifestyle. You chose a blue-collar job that didn’t require more than a high school education, and you also didn’t want to sit behind a desk and push papers or stare at a computer screen.

If you become a trucker, you can breathe free air as you travel from state to state. You can hum along to a favorite tune on the radio as you see the sun rise over the Arizona desert or the Pacific Northwest’s sprawling timber country. But as with any profession, accidents can happen. If you get into a truck accident in California, you need to speak with one of the experienced Burbank truck accident attorneys as they will be able to help you navigate the complex legal process and get the compensation that you deserve. No matter if you’re a trucker in California, Texas, or anywhere else in the country, make sure that you stay safe on the road and avoid any potential accidents. So buckle up and drive safely out there!

Bounty Hunter

Some people get into a job like fast food if they feel like they can’t get anything better. It’s the rare person who grows up aspiring to work at Wendy’s.

If you become a bounty hunter, it’s hard not to admit that you enjoy danger. Bounty hunters usually carry firearms. Many of them have a military or martial arts background.

You might start as a boxer or bouncer and get into the bounty hunting field. Some former pro wrestlers get into it.

In this profession, you have to track criminals down, and frequently, you have to tussle with them if they won’t come quietly. You might have to exchange gunfire with them. The show “Dog, the Bounty Hunter” should give you some idea of what to expect.

You must have a wild streak to get into this profession. If you’re an introvert and you hate nothing more than confrontations, then you’ll never choose to get into this highly dangerous and unpredictable field.

 4 Jobs and the Lifestyles that Go with Them

Personal Trainer

If you become a personal trainer, you probably love physical fitness and think about it all the time. You are likely the person who counts calories and can’t wait to get up early and get to the gym. Maybe you set up a home gym in your basement or attic, and your house is full of things like the Mirror, Peloton, or a bunch of free weights and yoga mats.

Since you spend every day teaching people how to eat better, exercise, get a good night’s sleep, and so forth, you likely do all those things yourself as well. It’s hard to separate a personal trainer from who they are in their professional life. That is because clients will not likely trust a personal trainer who looks out of shape.

That means you won’t submit to pizza’s siren song very often. Your house is probably full of granola bars and soy protein shakes.

All of that is fine, but make sure that you don’t harp on physical fitness all the time if you start a family. You can encourage your family to eat healthily, but it’s going to irritate them if you start making faces every time one of them has the occasional burger or cupcake.

Police Officer

If you become a police officer, then you must want to serve the public. You will be out there every day interfacing with the community, so you need to have better than average people skills.

You need to be physically fit, especially if you want to get out on the streets and become a community fixture. You might work in a big city where you have to patrol and provide visibility to deter crime. You also can’t have any problems carrying weapons since the job might require you to use them one day.

You should not have any issues following orders since you must adhere to the chain of command. It helps to be ambitious since you will likely want to climb the ranks. That means more responsibility but also better pay as you ascend the rungs to more prestigious positions.

If you become a police officer, that probably means that you have a strong sense of right and wrong. You might try to run your family according to rules that you set, just like what happens in a stationhouse. Police officers are sometimes obstinate or quick to anger, so make sure to moderate that part of yourself if it exists.

Whatever job you take on, you will probably enjoy your life more if it is something about which you feel passionate. Some people can’t bring themselves to care about what they do for money, but that can become problematic. It’s a cliché, but it’s true when people say that if you find something you love, you’ll never work a single day in your life.