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4 Reasons To Choose A Solar Water Heater

4 Reasons To Choose A Solar Water Heater

Modern and advanced solar systems are becoming more and more popular. Especially, it is dictated by mainstreamed but sound care about the environment. At the same time, such units cannot boast their cheapness, hence, many people think of them as a waste of money. Nevertheless, one day such systems are most likely to be a must for all house owners. Let’s learn why you should switch to solar panels for hot water heaters in 2021.

How Does a Solar Water Heater Work?

Most solar water heaters work the following way – the system circulates water via collectors where it is primarily heated by its fuel – sun. After that, water passes via a heat exchanger found in the tank. A non-freezing fluid is then returned to the collector. As a result, you access a source of hot water without involving any gas. Let’s speak of its parts.

These huge units have two major components including the tank, and collector. The same concerns two major types of these systems including active and passive systems. The difference between them is that an active system has a circulating pump alongside controls, while a passive one does not have them. You can learn more particularly for your household by finding a contractor at Contractorfinder.

Active Systems

An active system is also divided into direct and indirect circulations. A direct unit has its own pumps which work by circulating water through collectors and then directly to your household. They are perfect for areas where there is no extremely freezing climate.

An indirect circulation system works with pumps that circulate heat transfer fluid via collectors and a heat exchanger. It, in turn, is the best for areas with very cold temperatures. This same type of system can be used to power indoor grow heaters and other types of heaters.

Passive Systems

When it comes to passive systems, they are considered good for savings since they are not very expensive. At the same time, they cannot boast the utmost efficacy. If you have high expectations and demand to have hot water during any time of the day, it will fit perfectly. For instance, you can come across a thermosyphon passive system that works by flowing the water through the thermosyphon and warming it until it rises above the level of cold water. By finding a contractor, you can also evaluate whether it can satisfy your water washing needs.

 4 Reasons To Choose A Solar Water Heater

Top 4 Reasons to Choose a Solar Water Heater

Why should you choose exactly this type of water heaters while there are many alternatives? This is a common question to experts when they are recommended solar hot water heater systems. Let’s figure it out.

1. Free Fuel

The most obvious reason to go for this system is free energy and fuel. You only invest in the beginning, but then may potentially have that money back. Such units work thanks to the sun which is free. So, one may save at least 50% on electrical bills, and then invest them in something else. A solar water heater is especially a great option for those who live in extremely sunny areas like California, Arizona among others. Yet, areas with poor sunlight may benefit as well by finding a contractor help.

2. Carbon Footprint

If you care about the environment, a solar water heater may help you reduce your carbon footprint. You won’t experience carbon emissions, since the units use only renewable energy from the sun to provide you with hot water. In simple terms, your unit works without any natural gas which negatively affects nature. In addition, you also save money by avoiding the usage of natural fuels like gas.

3. Great Efficacy

You heat your water directly from the sun’s rays instead of converting sunlight into that energy to access pleasant showering. A typical household will need 1 to 3 solar panels only. By finding a contractor, you receive roof-mounted installation help and guided where to place the panels the best. 

4. They Are Cheaper Compared to PV Panels

Last but not least perk is that a solar water heater is much cheaper to install and maintain than solar PV panels. The latter ones are more expensive, so you basically access no savings. It will be a great investment for people with both medium-high paying capacities.

As you may see such systems are really warming the soul tools. They provide one with hot water by taking the fuel from the above – our sun. Yes, they are a little bit pricey compared to electric water heaters, however, you may also apply for rebates to access some paybacks. 

Then, you support reduced carbon footprint movement, and show your care about our nature. Finally, by finding a contractor, you get easy help with the installation, possible repairs, and required maintenance which will deprive you of any malfunctions. So, call your local experts, and learn more benefits why you lack this system in your household.