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4 Tips To Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

4 Tips To Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

Sarah Chai from Pexels

Some people are gifted with natural skills in being organized with everything, and then some find it extra challenging to avoid clutter. If you’re the latter type of person, don’t lose hope. You can still change your habits and embrace a lifestyle that’s finally free of clutter. If you’re wondering just how, read along with this article to get some great pointers.

Everyone wants to arrive and live in a neat home that’s free of topsy turvy things. Despite habits dying hard, there are proven strategies to change your perspective and way of living. It’s time to let go of clutters in your home; even with baby steps, you’ll get there. If you check the waste stats here, you’ll definitely want to stop contributing to more pollution on the beloved planet you live in.

Make a decision to live in a clutter-free home and apply the following valuable tips:

1. Prevent The Clutter First 

The easiest way to prevent something from happening is to stop it before it begins. It’s often said that prevention is better than cure, and this applies in the same context when it comes to clutters. Preventing clutter in your home should be done first thing, rather than decluttering when your home is already filled with unnecessities. 

The problem with clutter is they camouflage their way around in your house, making it harder to get rid of them. You’ll keep justifying reasons as to why certain things deserve some space in your home. Therefore, to prevent clutter in the first place, change your mindset and habit. Focus on buying only what you need and don’t shop on impulse. Also, stay familiar with things that are likely considered clutters in the home, so you can avoid letting them in. 

2. Always Fix Your Bed 

Living in a clutter-free home sometimes goes as basic as making your bed every morning. Despite having a minimalist bedroom design, everything may tend to look disorganized when you fail to smoothen your sheets every morning. Looking at a well-fixed bed urges you to organize and neaten everything else up in your home. Make it part of a routine and do it first thing after you wake up in the morning. When this act becomes a habit, it becomes harder to break. 

This excellent behavior can make a significant impact in making your bedroom look more organized. No matter how late you’re going for work, when you have a routine to make your bed, you’ll never dare to miss out on it as it’ll irk you endlessly if you do. 

 4 Tips To Keep Your Home Clutter-Free

3. Store Your Stuff Properly 

The basic logic of storing items in your home is as simple as these: daily-use items should be kept in an accessible location while the things you use rarely or seasonally can be placed in cabinets or drawers that are harder to reach. Your most important items should be prioritized, and you’ll have more space.

It’s also smart to keep enough storage solutions in your home such as cupboards, shelves, racks, storage boxes, closets, and so on. Having more storage will help your home look more organized. Label each storage area, so you’ll know where each thing is. Every place in your home may have enough storage spaces to free visible tables and counters from clutters. 

4. Clear The Counters 

Usually, people have the habit of leaving anything on the counter. Whichever counter you have in your home, it seems that there will always be more things on it than they should. It’s time to clear all your counters.

  • Bathroom Counter 

Your bathroom counter may contain all of your morning and evening rituals, which could look topsy turvy if not cleared or kept elsewhere. A great solution to easily clear off your bathroom counter is to install a drawer below it. You can keep your items as soon as you finish using them.

Or you might also decorate your dresser top and place it beside your counter so you can arrange your hygiene products there easily after use. Constantly be reminded that your bathroom countertops should be cleared out from anything other than what they should only have like some decors or indoor plants.

  • Kitchen Counter 

The kitchen counter is another home counter that often experiences more clutters than any other space. From receipts to mails and vitamins, you can see how crowded the kitchen counter can be. You’ll discover how cluttered your home is when you see your kitchen counter filled with paraphernalia that isn’t related to the kitchen at all. 

The best way to remove clutter from your countertop is to declutter it habitually. You can scan everything that’s placed there at the end of the day, arrange them, or put them back to where they belong. Make it a point to do this at least every evening before you go to bed.


Living in a home free of clutter is within your reach, and it’s not impossible at all. You’ll be able to keep your home clutter-free once you have these expert tips and lifestyle changes in mind. When you exert efforts and commitment every day, no matter how little they can be, you’ll gradually make an impact on your habits.