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4 Tips to Prepare Your Spring Garden 

4 Tips to Prepare Your Spring Garden 

Spring may be the last thing you think about in the Fall. But we have to admit, time flies. Before we know it, spring will be around the corner. Make full use of the current fall and enjoy working in the garden. When you prepare your garden in the Fall, you’ll will enjoy a colorful garden in the Spring. Have you been stuck in the process the last couple of months? Don’t worry! Read the following 4 tips on how to prepare your garden for the spring.

1. Order bulbs now 

Don’t wait too long before ordering new bulbs. Let’s take as example tulip bulbs. They must be planted in the Fall. When you wait too long, there will be a lack on vibrant colors in your garden. The best time to plant tulip bulbs is in the Fall. You must plant them at least 6 weeks prior to the first ground-freeze. The tulip bulbs will have enough time to make roots and flourish in their new environment. 

Tulip bulbs are just an example, but they’re also many other bulbs who need to be put in the soil before the ground freezes. Don’t wait too long. Otherwise your spring garden won’t be as pretty as you imagined. 

2. Collect rainwater 

Most of the rain falls in the winter. That’s why now is the time to collect al this rainwater. Make sure you install a water butt in your garden. With a little bit of help from your own water butt, you can collect the water easily. Harvesting rainwater is essential when you like to think about the environment. You can water your plant by using this rainwater. 

Did you know that rainwater is the best type of water for your plants? Tap water contains often a little bit of alkaline. This can be harmful for your plants. By using rainwater, you know for sure that they will blossom under the circumstances. 

 4 Tips to Prepare Your Spring Garden 

3. Buy new gardening tools 

The winter is the best season to inspect your own gardening tools. Are they in good shape? Make sure you clean and sharpen them for a new season. Is there something missing or are some gardening tools not of great quality? Than buy some new gardening tools. Buying gardening tools in the winter can be beneficial because the prizes are much lower than in the spring or summer! 

4. Have a general tidy up 

At the end of the summer there’s always some of a melancholy feeling. Another season has passed, the year will end soon too. That’s why it’s an excellent idea to have a general tidy up. Not only good for the garden, but also for your own mindset. Remove leaves and other debris from the borders and flower beds, cut weed and cut back the old growth of some plants. If you like a little bit wildlife in your garden, you can wait till early spring to tidy up. Just so you know, this will take a lot more effort!