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5 Common Design Elements of Online Casino Logos

5 Common Design Elements of Online Casino Logos

A logo needs to accomplish many tasks. It should usually be unambiguous, convey the type of business it is promoting, and last, but perhaps most importantly, it should catch the eye of potential customers.

When creating a logo, designers need to keep these points in mind. However, if the logo incorporates the name of the site, there could be a bit more leeway regarding ambiguity.

Most online casino logos are based on their names; however, there are also a few motifs that stand out.

Playing cards/chips

Looking at this Canadian online casino comparison site, the only information available about each website is its logo, welcome offer, and star rating. This highlights the importance of having a logo that stands out, to attract customers and tell them something about the casino. In this context, the logos can be compared in regards to how they convey their personality and brand.

Many of those listed include a playing card symbol, dice, poker chips, or a game piece. This is a clear signal to viewers that the site is focused on online gambling, including the games that those pieces belong to. The colors and style used will then further describe the characteristics of the particular online casino, such as its level of sophistication, its attitude towards the games, or its quirkiness.


Particularly popular for sportsbooks that are also online casinos, many sites will incorporate numbers into their names and logos. Not only does this relate to their number-focused service, but they can also be descriptive. Numbers such as 365 or 24/7, for example, may convey an activity you can do every day.

Certain numbers also have other associations, such as 88, which may make a bingo player recall the phrase “two fat ladies” that would be called out during the game. Additionally, multiples of eight are actually considered lucky in China.

 5 Common Design Elements of Online Casino Logos

‘Lucky’ icons

There are many more symbols associated with luck, and these are equally as popular in casino branding. From leprechauns and rabbit’s feet to horseshoes and black cats, many of these icons occur time and again in these logos. Slots and online casino games are largely games of chance, which makes the symbols appropriate. This imagery is often threaded throughout the available games themselves, too.


Research into different shapes being used in logos has shown that the shape of a logo has a powerful impact on consumers. It is not surprising, then, that many businesses, including online casinos, choose an animal logo. In online gambling, lions, tigers, and other big cats are the most popular. However, there are some slots or bingo sites that opt for monkeys, dogs, foxes, or wolves.  The animal will either be sleek and powerful, or cute and funny, depending on the impression the site is hoping to create.


Using words such as ‘King’, ‘Queen’, Royal’ or a crown is one of the easiest and quickest ways of conveying status and power. Not only will this appeal to customers who like the idea of joining in activities that are fit for royalty, but it could also convey that the casinos aim to treat their customers as if they are in command, providing the highest quality customer care. Subconsciously, we also associate it with having a royal seal of approval, even though we know that is inaccurate, making a ‘Royal’ casino seem more prestigious and desirable.

This overview of casino branding highlights the importance of choosing a logo that describes your brand as simple as possible. However, it can also show the range of possibilities when it comes to portraying a brand’s personality and sending a message to potential customers.