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5 Easy to Learn Woodworking Tips and Tricks That the Pros Use

The thing that separates the pros from newbies isn’t just the tools they use—it’s how a pro woodworker versus an amateur approaches a project. Where a beginner will stumble and fumble their way through, pro woodworking requires consistency and practice.

Are you wondering how to get into woodworking, and get good at this skill? Then try these five easy woodworking tips and tricks that the pros use.

1. Marking Cut Lines

Every pro woodworker knows that all the cool woodworking tools in the world won’t make a bit of difference if you don’t measure your cuts. What’s more, marking cut lines is essential if you want to be accurate. Taking the time to measure and mark your cuts means you’ve taken out all the guesswork. Here a quality compact circular saw would surely help you to cut in a perfect way.

2. Create a Story Stick

You probably have drawings with the measurements all mapped out for your woodworking project, and a measuring tape to measure the wood.

However, a story stick is more flexible and accurate than either using drawings or a tape measure. Plus, you can use a story stick to set up precise cuts on your cool woodworking tools. Not only that, but you can place a story stick right onto a table saw for pinpoint accuracy.

3. Prevent Glue Stains

It’s the little details that make a project look like pro woodworking. Beautifully crafted corners and bevels lose their appeal if a glob of glue detracts from the lines. Of course, you can sand it down after the fact; however, one of the best wooding working tips for preventing glue stains is to use scotch tape.

All you have to do is cover the area where the two pieces of wood will join, glue, and clamp. Then once the glue has seeped out, remove the tape before it dries.

 5 Easy to Learn Woodworking Tips and Tricks That the Pros Use

4. Reusable Sanding Block

Woodworking requires sanding the surface smooth. Not only are there different grits of sandpaper to use, depending on the desired result, but there are various ways to get the job done. While you’ll most likely use an electric sander, you’ll also want the control of sanding by hand.

sanding block provides resistance when you’re sanding, and you can easily replace the sandpaper as the grit wears down.

5. Cool Woodworking Tools

From a block plane to a router, and even a miter and scroll saw, there are tools to smooth away saw marks, cut decorative edges and grooves, crosscut, bevel, and make angled miter cuts to a precision fit. The thing is, it won’t matter if you have top of the line equipment if you don’t have a professional stand that makes it easy to use your saw. The work surface must be able to handle the kind of torque that the equipment puts out when you’re making an intricate cut. Click to find out which is the best scroll saw money can buy.

Get Started With These Woodworking Tips

If you’ve been wondering about how to get into woodworking, then these woodworking tips should get you started. From sanding and leveling to cutting precision angles, woodworking takes the right tools and plenty of practice. Do you want to learn more about the craft of woodworking? Then check out our blog.