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5 Easy Ways To Make Your Property More Tempting To Buyers

Kitchen with island

The housing market is scary right now. Everyone is wondering when it will collapse, which could be worse than 2008 unless we get lucky. Unfortunately, some people still need to sell their homes because they have no other choice.

Anyone who wants to walk away unscathed must make their property more tempting to buyers. It’s the only way to get a good deal during uncertain times. Here are some ways homeowners can encourage sellers to put in attractive offers.

1. Building A Walk-In Shower

We keep hearing that the world is facing an uncertain future due to global warming. One of the biggest problems is the water we’re wasting every year. People are less likely to take baths these days to save water.

Having a shower inside the bathtub is not the answer. If sellers want to impress people, building a walk-in shower is a much better solution. It’s an appealing feature because it’s a hundred times easier to wash in the morning.

2. Add A Functional Island

You don’t need lots of room to move around in a kitchen. Extra counter space is much more valuable because people will have more freedom to work. It will also offer more space to put appliances instead of hiding them away.

Companies constantly release new gadgets, so kitchens are desperate for more counter space. Islands are also very aesthetic, and if buyers plan on spending lots of time in the kitchen, they’ll want it to look nice.

3. Install A Bedroom Skylight

There is something magical about having a skylight in the bedroom. When lying in bed, it’s easy to look out toward the stars. It will also add more natural light to bedrooms instead of relying on artificial lighting.

It helps people relax more because they’re more connected to nature, and sunlight will help bedrooms stay warmer in winter even though it’s cold outside. Bedrooms with more windows are more appealing to home buyers.

 Walk-in Shower

4. Renovating Your Basement

Kitchener basement renovation teams can turn a trashy storage room into a classy functional basement. It’s possible to build a gym, music studio, playroom, and dozens of other things downstairs. Each one will impress potential buyers.

If a renovation project costs less than 10% of a home’s current value, buyers will walk away with a profit when it’s time to sell. Homeowners will also get to use the new room regularly until it’s time to sell up.

5. Turn Attic Into A Bedroom

Companies like Basementscanada.com create works of art downstairs, but it’s possible to do the same in the attic in certain homes. Why leave an attic empty when it’s possible to turn it into a beautiful new bedroom?

Attic bedrooms are perfect for families with teenage kids, who like to stay as far away from their parents as possible. It’s even possible to build a bathroom in the attic, so the person living there won’t need to run downstairs.

Do Something Special In Each Room

If sellers try to add something special to each room in their home, it will make it more tempting to anyone coming to a viewing. More people putting in offers equals a higher sales price.