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5 Easy Ways to Use Facebook More Productivity

5 Easy Ways to Use Facebook More Productivity

Zn Chung

Facebook is one of the best platforms in the world for keeping linked and learning new things, or it is one of the worst time wasters imaginable of little to no use for you. Yeah, it just all depends on how you use it.

Facebook is perfect for staying in touch with relatives and friends who live a long distance apart. Let’s admit it, there are a few people we all want to be in contact with but don’t really want to call them every other day or once a week. Simply for this reason, Facebook is fantastic. You can connect with friends and relatives without needing to contact or send emails to them. Facebook has a plethora of features that make communicating with friends and family easy, comfortable, and, perhaps most importantly, brief.

Learn how to gain popularity on Facebook by following the simple ways given in this article. Follow them to easily increase reach on Facebook.

5 Easy Ways to Increase Reach on Facebook

If you use Facebook for company, to collaborate with coworkers at your school, to monitor your kid’s social networking activities, or for some other purpose (such as buying food), you’re obviously aware that being on Facebook is still beneficial on some stage, even in the midst of all the noise and annoyance. The News Feed framework is continuously being updated to show you more interesting stories, but it doesn’t necessarily weed out all the garbage based on how you choose to use Facebook.

Here are some simple methods to increase reach on Facebook and gain popularity on Facebook in a short time.

Organize, add, or remove features 

If you’re using Facebook for a while and your profile could use a thorough cleaning, you’ll be relieved to hear that you won’t have to waste an entire holiday doing it remotely. Toolkit for Facebook is one of the most popular Facebook Chrome browser extensions available, and it will assist you in cleaning up your profile in minutes.

After installing the extension, you can use it in your Google Chrome browser by pressing the small “TF” button that shows. The free applications are intended to assist you in performing bulk tasks such as accepting all pending friend requests, adding all friends to a group, removing all page likes, leaving all groups, and much more.

On Facebook Chat, hide yourselves from those you don’t want to interact with

The issue with Facebook Chat is that you certainly look forward to talking with a few of your mates but get irritated when people you don’t want to chat with start talking with you. Regrettably, you cannot choose who can and cannot see you online.

Ghost for Chat is a free Chrome plugin that makes you appear transparent in Facebook Chat but still allows you to communicate with others. Simply enter “Ghost Mode” and launch a conversation with whomever you want without being interrupted by someone else.

 5 Easy Ways to Use Facebook More Productivity

To connect with your team, use Facebook’s authorized Workplace app

And if your office also needs you to use some networking platform such as Slack, Evernote, Trello, or some other, using Facebook’s official Workplace software for almost all of your team’s social conversations may be beneficial.

Although you can’t build fancy project forums or share files that can be modified by another team member, Facebook for Work makes it a lot simpler to launch a work conversation, use voice or video calls, create communities to address particular tasks, see news about what’s going on with your business, and get updates from important peers.

It’s also a smart way to keep your private Facebook friends apart from your job Facebook friends.

Unlike all of those pointless fan sites you’ve enjoyed over the years

Facebook for Toolkit has a simple tool that helps you to dislike all Facebook accounts at once, but Page Unliker could be a safer choice if you know you’ll like to maintain those pages while deleting others. This tool displays a brief list of all the liked pages, allowing you to choose the ones to dislike.

If you’ve granted Page Unliker access to your Facebook profile, you’ll notice your list of liked sites, along with a direct link to the profile, the amount of likes it has, and the time you liked it. Simply scroll down and press the blue Like button to convert the checkmark to a thumbs up symbol.

Modify Facebook’s desktop interface to get rid of those annoying advertisements

Isn’t it true that everybody adores the look of Facebook on the computer? What’s with all the awesome advertisements and everything? Hmmm, not necessarily, is it?

Flatbook is a must-see for Chrome web browser users. It’s a free extension that simplifies and streamlines Facebook’s interface, removing unnecessary complexity and making it much more appealing to look at. And, most of all, it blocks advertisements and claims to speed up Facebook!

On the left side, a convenient column of icons displays the most useful menu choices. Simply move your cursor over either of them to see the name, and then press on any context menu to see just how much better it looks in this simpler interface.


Social networking has emerged as the primary medium for an organisation or person to talk and engage with the general public. It is no longer important to get a public relations expert or media attention because social media encourages an individual or organisation to do anything on their own. Of course, doing it correctly necessitates some commitment and experience. Facebook is now one of the biggest social networking sites on the internet. For certain people, Facebook is a place to waste time and procrastinate, but there are ways to be positive on Facebook to get the best out of it.

Hopefully, you have found the article helpful. Don’t forget to keep the key points in your mind to increase reach on Facebook and gain popularity on Facebook as well.